Random numbers on Caller ID Schedulers or scammers?

I frequently get random numbers on my phone that have the city and the phone number listed but no name, such as Sterling Heights MI or Phoenix AZ. I never answer these because when I have in the past, they were scammers or phishers with burner phones. On a whim, I decided to pick up one time because it was the same city and number calling several times. I was pleasantly surprised to hear that it was a scheduler on the other end. Anyone have any tips or the heads-up on the cities these schedulers are calling from? Those calls I would answer. And how do I let a scheduler know that I am available to take their calls? When I asked the MSC, they could not give me the scheduler's number.

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Unless the scheduler gives you their number or puts it in their email, you're not going to know. If they don't leave a message maybe think about re-recording your voicemail greeting.
Many schedulers are independent contractors and work from home all over the country. Many others are employees who call from the MSC's location, but they may have dozens of outgoing lines. Whether caller ID information come through is based on how that specific line is set up and what information passed to your carrier in the call.
When I get a call from an out of state number, I assume it's an MSC and I am usually right. Over the years, I started saving the numbers (I'm cell only) so now the MSC name pops up. It's usually Sinclair, Maritz or Market Force.

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Every time I decide to answer an unknown number, it's almost always some sales thing. They now spoof numbers, so it looks like it's someone from my town. I can't even block the numbers, because the rightful owner of that number has nothing to do with it. Sometimes they've come up looking like my school or local library is calling me.

If it's a scheduler, they NEED to leave a message (which some do), not just hang up. I rarely pick up for a number I don't recognize.
I get so many nuisance calls that I never pick up a call from an unknown number. The "don't call" list hasn't helped. I have a very short message and if the call is important, including schedulers, they should leave a message. I return all legitimate calls. If a message was not left then the call was unimportant.
I rarely answer the calls. I indicated my preference for texts or emails when I signed up with various MSC's. I do not like phone calls, esp during the work day. My voicemail is full and I leave it that way.

I answered a MF call once. They tried to get me to drive 90 miles for a $10 shop. Yeah, no.

Just out shopping around...
I HATE these stupid calls as well. so out of hand! I just try to save schedulers as I discover them. I also many times save scammers with random letters just to recognize that its a repeat offender. I answered one from the same area code of one of my MSCs just to get a nuisance call the other day... made me so mad!

I save the number and look it up on WhoCallsMe.com. And then I add them.

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I always ask for distance pay on those shops because I know they’re desperate and I’m probably the closest shopper when they call me. They’re sometimes able to triple the shop fee for me on those low paying ones.

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I agree that the schedulers need to leave a message. They've already spent the time calling you, so it only makes sense to spend a few seconds longer to leave a message, which would generate a callback, and hence, an assignment. Good for the scheduler, good for the shopper. If I knew it was a scheduler, I would call back immediately. I suspect they don't want return calls; they can control their phone traffic by only doing outbound calls. But for folks like me and those of you who replied in this thread, we will never pick up if we don't know it's you, so you're wasting your valuable time. So if you're a scheduler, just let us know that!
No one likes robo calls! Please call your State Senator and complain. The opt out list does not work. I get at least 3 calls a day. I called yesterday. I only have a few schedulers that call me and I know their numbers.
Auto reject works great. My robo calls are down to about one a day now. They are sneaky and will switch to a private line to get you to answer.
There is a scheduler who used to either call me, text me. or e-mail me all the time to do a shop. If I was not able to get to my phone in time, I would e-mail her or call her back. Most of the time I would complete the shop for her (If I was able to)

Sadly she is not working for that company any more. I'm not sure if is scheduling for another company or what However, I am going to miss working with her sad smiley sad smiley sad smiley
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