EvaluateIt by SQM

Has anyone ever performed shops for this company? I read about them in a facebook group that I am part of, and it looks like they shop airlines, buses, etc. for 50% reimbursement of the cost. Curious if anyone has any experience with them, positive or negative.

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I used to do sandwich shops for them years ago. A few years back I did one of the airline shops. It was okay. I wasn't allowed to use my airlines rewards number, which was a bummer. I also had to pay for the ticket in whole in advance to the MSC and then received 50% of it back after the shop was completed and submitted.
@roxygirlie1021 wrote:

I did a search and nothing came up. I'll search again. Thanks!

Just click on the link in the blue box on the right side of this screen. Remember SQM is the MSC; EvaluateIt is just a tradename of their website.
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