Lagom International

I live in Sweden, and have been a mystery shopper for Albatross, ISC, and Lagom. The first two companies have been great, but I’m having no luck getting Lagom to pay me. I’m owed money for checks I did in October 2017, January 2018, and March 2018. At first they promised to pay me via PayPal, but that never happened. Then I got a Swedish bank account, but Lagom told me the data I entered regarding my IBAN/SWIFT was incorrect. Now I have checked and double-checked the accuracy, but the April 20th payment date has passed and I’ve received nothing. I’ve written to two different people at the company and my emails were ignored.

Lagom is a member of MSPA. Would it do me any good to contact MSPA and file a complai t? I feel that I’ve been more than patient. I’m currently owed 80€.

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