After waiting for approximately 1 1/2 years, I finally got trained to do shops with Ardent. It was fun, and the food was so delicious! I just was allowed to sign in to their website where I selected 3 locations that I can shop. What is the next step? Do I keep checking their website or will a scheduler contact me? I thought I read that you get regularly scheduled at certain locations. Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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A scheduler will contact you. On the 1st of every month, their scheduler makes assignments. You receive an email and you log in and accept or decline the assignment. You can also check the website for "orphans." If someone declines a shop, it goes on that list, so you may be able to pick up a shop that someone has declined. Other than that, all their assignments are auto-assignments and they you decide if you want it.

This is a really great company to work with and I like them. Ardent is the biggest reason I keep doing these shops, because I am on the fence about the food. I find the client's burgers just okay and over-expensive. There are better burgers around so I only eat these because they pay me.
I was really sad when they lost that other client. I loved the food and the MSC is great. I would eat these burgers too if they had them in my region. Hopefully one day they will have shops in my area.
"I thought I read that you get regularly scheduled at certain locations. Any advice is greatly appreciated!"

I was getting two shops from them monthly and then recently it went down to one per month. I assume they trained some new shopper/s in my area. No, you are not guaranteed the shops each month. But you will get steady work if they like you. How many shops per month will depend on how many locations you choose and how many other shoppers are out there for those locations.
It's a shame that when a company gets in financial difficulties quality control is the first ti suffer and QC was the most important aspect to keep the customers from getting sick.
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