Kudos to Market Force

With all the hits MF seems to take here I want to post something positive. I got an email this morning that my gas shop completed yesterday was invalidated for submitting duplicate photos from another shop. I checked the pictures I submitted and they seemed fine. Then I viewed the receipts and one of them was for another prior shop that I selected and uploaded in error. I emailed the help desk and attached the correct receipt scan. After only a couple of hours they emailed a reply that they were able to get my shop revalidated. It seems the help desk at MF is working harder to help us out. I will be double and triple checking my uploads in the future though. I know other companies are better at accepting corrected info after the shop has been submitted but it was still nice to get this from MF.

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Wow. Good on ya.. I just had the same thing happen except I didn't challenge it even though I had the correct receipt. Thanks for the heads up.
I can add to that. I did a shop, and the expected payment was over $50 short. I e-mailed them, and was told that I received the shop pay I had agreed to, as posted on the CPI. I wrote again (details cannot be mentioned, as details would reveal the shop), and eventually I got a very nice e-mail that, indeed, there was a contradiction between the guidelines and the CPI, and I would receive the pay during the following pay cycle. And I did receive the additional pay last month.

I've been shopping for MF for close to 10 years, and while I am not happy with the recent "improvements", they have always been fair to me. I know they disallowed one gas station shop a while back because my photos weren't adequate, but they were well within their rights; when I did the same station later, I was careful to take better photos, and I never had another problem with them.

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