Coyle Restaurant Phone Shops

Anyone notice they dropped the fee from $15 to $10? I usually do a couple per month. Now, I am stuck with deciding to still do them for $10 or not request them because I don't think the fee is worth it.

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How detailed is the report? $10 is still a good fee for a phone shop.

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This was supposed to be my post! smiling smiley I do about five-six per month. I hesitated and I was angry. I first did them for $20. Soon after, they dropped it to $15, and now lausy $10. The report is a bit shorter, they got rid of some Yes/No questions but the narrative is still there. I am doing about 6 this month. I am not happy thou. I think $10 is not good enough and I am starting to look for other call shops. I have a small child at home and phone shops are very convenient at this time. I also like doing work for Coyle so this was disapointing.
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