Shared Insight- So far so good!

Been a shopper with Shared Insight for a little over 6 months without problem. Whenever I have a question I email, and I get responses pretty promptly. Their schedulers are able to tell you other jobs in your area, (or wherever you travel to) and are pretty open about deadlines etc.

Their grocery store shops are my favorite!

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That is great you have such a good relationship with them! I have not shopped with them in a while. Have you tried their lash shops?

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I did their lash shop and it was relatively easy. I loved the end result. Give it a shot.

@HonnyBrown wrote:

That is great you have such a good relationship with them! I have not shopped with them in a while. Have you tried their lash shops?
I love this company as well! No grocery shops in my area from them but they have a shoe shop I like! They are friendly and very prompt with communication as well.
OH MY GOD THEY HAVE LASH SHOPS? Nothing near me, at least that's showing up for me, but gooooooosh would I love one. I certainly wouldn't spend my own money on that without a reimbursement... I wish I could remember what MSC had the one lash shop I did see once!!!!
Payment for their shops take a month, but once you get into their rhythm the month period is not too bad if you're continuously doing shops

@Goneshopping wrote:

SouthBayShopper11, how long do you have to wait for your payment from them?
They have almost nothing in my area... sad smiley

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I've learned to never trust spell-check or my phone's auto-fill feature.
I really like them too, I am in the DC area I did a spray tan with them and a few other ones. I just wish they had more shops.
I have done their discount store exactly once. The shop was easy. The report was worse than Coyle. You have to make a comment for each question. I think that there were 80 questions.
I have not done a shop for them in a while so perhaps they have changed their report format which drives me crazy. Even an easy report becomes annoying having to report on different drop down pages where it is difficult to back up or go forward to see what you wrote before when you get a redundant sounding question. And there are a lot of those in my experience especially annoying when you have a very short interaction and then a million questions pulling it into the smallest pieces. I used to love this company until they changed their report format.
I was very surprised last week when a scheduler from this MSC called and offered me a bonus to do one of their shops. Since they don't have a lot of shops in my area, I was under the impression that there would be plenty of shoppers to do the shops at base fees. We pleasantly negotiated a bonus for my doing the shop this weekend. Should I expect the call(s) to continue or is this a rare event with this MSC?
They have car washes and an awesome food truck shop in my area, haven't seen the food truck one lately though. They pay regularly, I've never had a complaint with them. The car washes are 30 day rotation and interior and exterior clean, love them!
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