GFK cancelled my shop while I was submitting.

This company is very quirky. They will have open assignments you apply or self assign then days later they will tell you that they were filled. Finally, a decent bonus shop opened up, i self assigned and got the job it was on the way to another job. The guidelines stated submit by midnight. The scheduler told me later she sent me a note stating it had to be done by 10 pm she did not. I wrote up other shop first it was quick. This was detailed, for GFK, I submitted shop then immediately the shop was deleted. She finally answered my email and said i didn't do it within the time constraints. Yes I did. I have never seen a company delete an open job that was assigned before the job expired. This is horrid business practice, now she wants me to go ahead and resubmit the job. I spent an hour reading guidelines and passing certification another 20 minutes driving to the shop, another 30, minutes doing the shop and almost 45 minutes writing it up the first time. I decided to cut my losses and deactivated myself out of their system.

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