Marketforce Payments For June 2018

Has anybody received their payments this month yet? I have never know for them to be this late. Does anybody know why the delay?

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I was just wondering the same thing. I have not gotten paid yet either. Keep me posted if you hear anything.
Checks go out by the 20th but if you have direct deposit you should receive payment up to a week before that date.
The payments are not late or delayed. MarketForce's terms are that they pay no later than the 20th of the month:

"Please remember that just because you have received your payment one month on the 9th or you think you always have it by the 12th or you believe that the payments have never gone beyond the 10th, the truth is that we have told you -- and we will stand by that -- the payments will go out no later than the 15th-20th of each month. That is the date range you can count on and should budget for. If you happen to get your payment before the 15th-20th, consider it a good thing!"

I really wish shoppers wouldn't get on here and fret about not receiving MF payments when they're technically not due yet. Who knows? Maybe they'll just stop sending payments early once in awhile so people won't complain. I've never had a late MF payment in the two+ years I've been shopping for them.

I learn something new every day, but not everyday!
I've learned to never trust spell-check or my phone's auto-fill feature.
People can also stop doing work for Market Force just like me I will no longer do shops for them for people with Marketforce have bad attitudes. People do not realize that the reasons people do shops is to earn money to live off of because it is all they have and for what every reason can not get a regular job. If it fine for a person to say budget your money when you do not have any but I bet the person saying that has money and is only doing the shops for a little extra money and is no big deal to you but it is to some people.
Every month this comes up.

They have told us- and not to mention it's in their terms- when payments could come out. We don't have the right to complain until after the 20th. Never depend on just one MSC for this reason.
Sorry, I was having a bad day. I took this off because I would prefer to follow my mother's advice and not say anything at all if I can't say something nice! I have been happy with MF mostly. I just sense a change in the tide.

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@kimmysue wrote:

I have logged on several times and found messages on the screen like "This shop is no longer available to you" and "This shop is being held by a scheduler", only to log in an hour later and find the shops open and available.

Don't take that personally! This is done when they've offered a shop to another shopper in your area, with a small bonus attached, and are holding it until the shopper either takes or declines it, or the 12-hour hold expires. They keep it on the job board, but when you click on it, it gives you that notice. If the shopper declines or doesn't respond within the 12 hours, it goes back active on the board. That's why you'll see some of them open and available even if it's just an hour later. This certainly isn't "attitude" on their part. If they offer you a job and tell you they'll hold it for you, you'd get upset if you logged in to accept it and it was gone.

@ wrote:

Then comes that defensive notice from them about when to expect payment and we are all looking to see why suddenly our payment is later.

Why do you find that defensive? I agree that sometimes they do post messages that smack of 'tude, but not these. Would you like to state your terms of payment and pay people early on occasion, only to have them e-mail, call, and complain on forums that payments are late when they're not?

I learn something new every day, but not everyday!
I've learned to never trust spell-check or my phone's auto-fill feature.
I found out what is happening. They are emailing all of the schedulers that gave me all of those great bonus shops to make sure they are all legit and then checking their bank account to see if they've got enough money to cover my direct deposit or if they maybe need to float the electric bill.

Nah, nay, here's a buck betting payment is made on the 15th. Any takers? What day do you say?
@spicy1 wrote:

They aren't late according to what they say, but they are late according to what they do.

Yes, but that doesn't mean people should come on the forum all worked up about not getting paid earlier than their stated terms.

Hopefully they have enough in their accounts to pay the rest of us after paying your bonuses. LOL. smiling smiley

I learn something new every day, but not everyday!
I've learned to never trust spell-check or my phone's auto-fill feature.
I think it's pretty nice that they usually pay us early. Of course, that doesn't mean they always have to pay us early. If they sometimes feel the need to wait until their stated payment time, I can live with that.
LOL!!! Just for fun, I checked my records back to the beginning of 2011.

Once in 7 years did I get paid on the 15th; never later than that. Three times on the 14th. Normally on the 10th, 11th, or 12th. Sometimes as early as the ninth, but never earlier than that.

Ah. Curiosity killed the cat.

Satisfaction brought her back.....
The tone was just different from what I have received in the past. Again, I sense a change.
That message originated a couple of years ago about the pay dates. They just recirculate it when they will pay past the 10th.
I don't even see it pending for payment 5:30 PM pdt 6/14. Dd should post a week early. Isn't that 6/13?
Mine is now showing up on the website, which I believe means it'll be in the bank first thing in the AM.
No, no dd for me yet on the 14th. Mine also is showing on the website as dd for the 15th. I always wanted a last name that started with A-L instead of M-Z. It is not showing up in my bank account yet though.

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Mine showed up in my bank this morning...

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Mine showed up this morning as pending.

Shopping up and down the Colorado Rocky Mountain front range.
Paid DD this morning

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Received payment today.

I learn something new every day, but not everyday!
I've learned to never trust spell-check or my phone's auto-fill feature.
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