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I was just browsing the market force shops page and noticed on the last few pages a few bank shops for $30. The little info I read said average shop takes up to an hour and I would need to make an appointment with a bank rep.

Has anyone completed bank shops with Market Force before? I have done their grocery and retail shops, but I am very curious about their bank shop. I have done one bank shops for Ath power and Pinnacle, so I do have some experience.

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I just saw the shop too. If it's one hour shop time, the prep time and report have to be added in at a minimum. This seems like a 3-4 hour shop at least, which for $30 is grossly underpaid for me.
Marketforce is known to inflate times a little bit, I think just because they want the shopper to be prepared that it COULD take an hour. Like they had some cell phone audit shops that they stated could take up to 2 hours. Mine took 28 minutes. That being said, I have no idea about the bank shop because they don't offer those in my area. At least they didn't as of this morning. I am going to look right now, LOL.
And to boot, this is a targeted shop. It could be a short shop but i'll bet they'll want detail of the discussion and what products were offered.
I accepted one, but then canceled after reading all the requirements. Too much time involved, and a lot of things to report. Similar shops with KSS pay the same and are much easier.
Mmmm well I already assigned myself the project so on and forward I go. I will come back and update how it goes.
I've done these shops before for MF. Very easy. The appointment was quite short--much shorter than an hour--and the data entry didn't take too long.
Unfortunately I cancelled the shop. I just didn't feel comfortable yet doing bank shops around investments. The suggested age range and income worried me. Plus I look a lot younger than my age so I just cancelled instead.
I recently had one go bad. The target was a Preimer banker. I read the instructions more than once, but still forgot my lines. I was supposed to pose as someone with a minimum income of 150k, and have at least 250k to invest. I worried that I couldn't pull it off, and the story I was making up in my head kept changing. When asked about the amount available, I said 120k and reported as such. Two days later, invalid shop notice. Wasted gas, time, and regret. I am no longer interested in doing the Premier Bankers. Too bad you cannot tell which one is which until you accept the assignment. I just don't lie well enough to pretend to have so much money.
Sorry to hear about your shop. For role playing, i suggest acting very confident and sure of yourself. Mystery shopping is playing a role and the bank shop is just like any other. As for remembering the numbers, i would have said 150 and 250 several times in my head so that i would be able to answer and remember what it meant. It comes with practice.
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