Self assign shops?

I've attempted to search the board for companies that offer self assign shops and not having any luck..

As of right now, I mainly shop for second to none, Intellishop,and Kss.

Self assign is so much easier if I decide on a whim that I want to do a couple of mystery shops.

My main issue is that I work Monday through Friday 8am through 5p.m and alot of the shop offers I see can only can be shopped during the time I'm at work Sometimes,during the week I haven't made up my mind to whether I want to do a couple of mystery shops over the I don't apply during the week...So the issue I run into is sometimes on a Saturday or a Sunday I decide that I might want to do a couple of shops but I can't perform them, because the schedulers work Monday through Friday and by the time I applied and waited for a response from the scheduler, it's Monday again...

Shopping Idaho and Oregon/Idaho border region.

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I don't recall ever self-assigning a shop. Mostly because I don't take them at base pay.

PITA sometimes, waiting for schedulers to get back to me so I can finalize a route.

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Dawn, signing up with more companies could help.
Cease, darlin' just gotta do what you do.
As JAS said, mf is a good company for many shops. Try bm if you haven't joined them yet. You may also want to try joining jobslinger to give you a broader look at companies.
Sign up with the schedulers/aggregators - several companies at once.


Seriously, nobody cares that you're offended.

(Yes, I stole Hoju's tagline.)
@iShop123 wrote:

Sign up with the schedulers/aggregators - several companies at once.


Dont forget

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I know it can be difficult to plan weekend shops during the week, when you don't know how you're going to feel until the end of the week. When I began shopping, I would often find out that OT was available a day or two before my weekend, and I always chose that over shopping.
Sometimes, it can pay off big to work with schedulers through the week to schedule good paying shops on the weekends. As others have said, signing up with as many MSC's as you can will let you see more available shops, making it easier to plan out profitable and efficient routes.
Also, some MSC's don't allow shoppers to self-assign until they've completed x number of shops with good scores. I don't recall who off-hand, but once you prove yourself, then you become able to self assign.
A Closer Look, Maritz (after you've done a few), Stericycle (Corporate Research International).

Hi Shared insight allows you to self assign. But they also have very limited clients. I have done a few spray tan mystery shops. Their surveys are not too involved either. Check to see if they are in your area. I am in DC.
Try companies on the Prophet reporting system, as they are self-assign. ICU Associates, Informa Research, Quest for the Best, Jancyn Shoppers--there are a few others.
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