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I signed up with Ritter, but have not done a shop for them yet. They have been e-mailing me for a few weeks about this shop. No one seems to be interested. Sounds like a easy shop to do and the pay is 15.00. Just wondering if anyone has any feed back on them. Difficult to work for? How they pay? When they pay? How long are their reports, etc

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I have done several shops for them. Easy reporting. No follow up or clarification requests. They paid me on schedule with no problems.
I have done over 50 shops this month for them. Very good to work with. I have talked on the phone with at least 4 different people in their office. While this is my first month doing mystery shops, I have found Ritter's site easily navigated and the reporting simple. The uploads of photos are are easy too.

I was told they pay 30 days after the end of the month. So for an example, everything that is completed by the last day of the month gets paid the end of the next month (i.e. all completed October shops are paid Nov 30). They mail a check and are located in Toledo, Ohio.

Watch the due dates, if you see one consistently offered but no one justing at it, email the scheduler and make an offer to do it for more. An example might be that they have one that is originally $15, offer to do it for $20. I did something similar for a whole bunch of 3rd shift shops and got dounble per shop compared to what origninally was offered.

The other thing is to recognize with any MSC, is know when they are in a crunch to close the month or finish a project. You can identify this by their emails and the frequencies. While they will not always accept giving more money, if you are consistent in doing good work, or have to travel out of your immediate area, you can secure some higher fees.
I have done the same thing when they are in a crunch. I went to Ritter and it was actually an audit. They made it sound so simple. But oh my gosh, after I looked at what you had to do, and the 12 hour time frame to submitt, I just logged out. Their instructions on somethings were confusing also. I bet there had to be over 75 questions that had to be answered with a yes and a no. eg. Was the lift in working condition. Yes, please expain. DUUUUU, It was in working conditiion. Was the cashier in the correct attire. DUUUUU, Who knows, you never told me the correct attire. Was the coffee at blank degrees. Yes, Please explain. Yes the coffee was at the correct temp. I could go on and on. If you would like, check out Florida at 32505, 20 miles radius and tell me what you think. The confusing thing for me was what paper work I was suppose to leave for them, and after I pushed the button at the gas pump was I suppose to go straight in the shop. Just so much detail.Do this do that. Would you take it for that amount of money? I've done shops for 3 times the pay, with easy reports. Let me know. And thank you for your input.
I've only done one shop for them. They don't have much in my area, BUT they do email A LOT!
I never worked for them, but, no, if the report is that bothersome with the same thing over and over, I'd pass (unless the pay was sky high), you wonder what they didn't understand about the "Lift was in working condition". Time is important, we need to get paid for our time.

Live consciously....
Ritter forms require an answer for every question. No "yes or No" accepted.
Was the coffee at correct temperature? The answer should be worded similar to " The coffee was 171 degrees and fell within the specified perimeter."

Reading the guidelines will explain to you what the cashier should be wearing.
Cashiers are supposed to wearing a apron and a name tag.

Ritter shop fees also start out small and increase as the month progresses.
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