Regal-no shops in the Pacific Northwest

This past week, I've been slowly signing up with msc's and have essentially been going in alpabetical order. Imagine my suprise when I came across the R's and saw Regal listed. I began to get very excited, because movie shops are my favorite. I began to fill out the application and one part of the application is that they wanted a narrative submitted describing the most recent dining experience you've had. I spent well over an hour on it. So today, I get an email stating you have been approved. I searched the site and no jobs in my area.
It's just frustating. I wish all the msc's would list which areas of the country they have shops in or at the very least..which states.....before you waste your time applying

Shopping Idaho and Oregon/Idaho border region.

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I've been frustrated by this too. But it's possible that they just don't have any currently available in your area. Movie shops are very popular and it is the end of the month. So check again next month, they might surprise you. I have actually done a Regal shop with another MSC, and I have one scheduled for July, (sorry can't tell you who). So another possibility is that Regal MSC has nothing to do with Regal theaters.

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I don't know that i would have spent an hour writing something. I just spend afew minutes and put a very small paragraph off the top of my head. I haven't had any problems not getting approved.
7 star..I usually wouldn't spend that long, but wanted to make sure I got approved..great idea sestrahelena and sassy..I have completed and have seen movie shops with one other company and I've also seen July postings by that company but they don't post movie shops very often and when they do it's about an hour drive so not worth the drive unless other shops are available close to the movie shop location..which is why I was hoping to add more msc's for movie shops..there is also one more msc that I saw that offers movie shops but they are compliance shops and I don't have any teenage children

Shopping Idaho and Oregon/Idaho border region.
If you're talking about the MSC that does movie compliance shops that I think you are, I discovered last month that occasionally they do regular movie shops too. I did one a few weeks ago where they were checking out some new concession offerings. I got 2 tickets and up to $60 in concession purchases. The one kicker on this was that they were very specific about what concessions to buy. But other than that, it was really easy.

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What's done is done. An egg cracked cannot be cured.
There are 3 kinds of lies. Lies, Damn lies, and statistics.

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@dawnhu Don't beat yourself up. It comes with the territory - signing up then a whole lotta NOTHING. Also, in my area the movie shops get snatched up in milliseconds. I check the job boards frequently. If you wait for an email listing open opportunities, sometimes that's too late.
I was just going to post

It is confusing, though, when you're new to an MSC and they have the same name as something else.

@SoCalMama wrote:

Regal Hospitality shops hotels, not theaters.
A different MSC shops Regal movie theaters.

dawnhu, there are several methods to save time registering. For sample narratives, save a few in Word documents. Some other items to have handy in a file on your computer or in the cloud, a recent photo of yourself, a copy of your DL, and a copy of your car insurance card. Use some type of program to autofill forms. Most browsers can or if you prefer there are other programs available. My average time to register with a company is less than five minutes.

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I used to do a lot of the Regal Movie shops but now I got the moviepass for $9.99 a month unlimited movies and I can see movies from AMC, Regal and Cinemark so I don't even bother signing up for movie shops anymore!!! Granted now I have to pay for popcorn if I ever want it!
@aayaey, I also have movie pass, one thing I like about movie shops is you can see one movie with it and then use movie pass for another to see another movie the same day, since with movie pass you can only see one movie per day..if you aren't already signed up you should check out Fantasy Movie League, it's free but tough, similar to fantasy football if that makes sense..

Shopping Idaho and Oregon/Idaho border region.
Movie mystery shops especially for regal theaters are taken up within an hour of being posted, at least in the part the PNW that I'm in.

Regal the mystery shop company has jobs in the PNW but they are also popular shops that get taken really quickly. I'm actually about to do a hotel shop with them soon.
I am in the Willamette Valley area in Oregon and there are a lot of Regal movie shops posted one time a month. I was lucky to get two this month but normally they are grabbed up quickly.
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