IPSOS end of June pay

I haven't seen anyone else post about this so I'm wondering if it's just me. I have shopped with Ipsos for a while and although they have been late once, I usually see others post and ask about payment. They even cut off one day early (6/21 instead of 6/22) so I figured I'd be paid on time at the end of June. Since they state they pay the 15th and 31st but there are only 30 days in June, I thought I'd see the money Friday 6/29 or at the latest Saturday 6/30, if someone was working Saturday. Now it's 7/1 and I still don't have my payment.

So I ask, did everyone else get paid from Ipsos at the end of June or should I just expect it tomorrow since it's the first business day after the 30th?

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I didn't get paid yet but they always pay within a couple of days of stated pay dates, so no worries.
It's a weekend. Bet your funds are there tomorrow! And thanks for the reminder -- shame on me, I didn't do my assigned shop until the 22nd, so I'll be waiting a couple weeks.

BTW, my personal records show IPSOS always pays by the 5th and the 20th. Processing takes a little time!
They told me July 1st for a jobs i did the first week of May...I don't think their fast, more on the slow side.
Fast would be The Source who pays twice a month 15th and 20th., and DJC who pays in 4 days.....just sayin..

Live consciously....
Wow, Irene, I'm shocked! IPSOS has always paid twice a month, by 5th and 20th.

What is DJC?
Every email I get always has this written at the bottom FYI:

"Attention: Shopper Relations
Ipsos North America
Each pay cycle executes monthly on the 7th & 22nd, payments processed to shopper PayPal accounts on 15th & 31st each month.
Ipsos pay cycles may be adjusted to plus or minus 1 business day when a pay cycle period is impacted by a holiday.
Please ensure your active, registered, & verified PayPal email is updated in your ShopMetrics profile.
We appreciate your participation!"

Make sure they have your right Paypal address.
I haven’t been paid either and was wondering the same thing as I thought i would see the payment Friday. I sent an email but haven’t heard back. Anyone know when they are paying as they have always paid on time
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