Alta360 time to approve shop

I completed my first shop for Alta360 a week ago and it still says pending editing. Does anybody know if this is normal for that company?

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I think they lost some editors and have some new ones in training. Last couple of months it's been like that, slow to process.
It does take a while sometimes for this, and any other MSC, to edit shops. When it is over a three weeks, i get to worrying....When everything looks fine, and one still doesn't get paid, the worrying becomes intensified!
I have to laugh/chuckle when some of these same MSC's DEMAND prompt submission of reports the same day when they take a week or more to edit! Ha!
I have had some take three weeks this round. The scheduler said that they were backlogged on editing, but they did eventually get caught up. The ones I've done this past week took less than a week.
I know it's not the same, but I have become slightly amused about the length of time to approve an application.

I signed up with Alta a couple of months ago. Most of the emails I've gotten so far are a combination of pay too little and too far away to make it work. But I was working a route that happened to be going through an area where they had an assignment. I thought "Hey, we're birdwatchers so I'm ideal for this assignment and will apply even though the pay is low because it's on my route and I'll get reimbursed for a bag of bird food we'll use anyway."

I took the test to be certified for the shop and applied. Crickets. Kept checking. Crickets. The day of my route, I printed out everything and took it with just in case they assigned it while I was driving. Nope.

Since then, they keep sending emails about it and the fee to do the assignment has now increased from $7 to $20 (plus the $15 reimbursement for bird food). It's too bad. I can't justify driving a 150 mile RT just for that now but would have already had it completed for them at the lower fee if they just would have assigned it.

As a result, I haven't even tried to apply for any other jobs. I don't want to waste my time reading materials and getting "certified" to do jobs if they won't actually be assigned to me.
Pro Evals-Audits - Thank you for your feedback. I looked this one up because I normally schedule that account. This one is on me and I sincerely apologize that it didn't work out with that particular one. I normally keep a close eye on applications numerous times a day during the week, and looking at the history on that report, I would have approved your application within an hour since it was around my normal lunch time. But I see the exact date you applied, and that was the exact same date that I ended up being out of the office unexpectedly due to a family emergency. I ended up being out of the office for the next two weeks because of it. You most likely did not see my emails offering a higher fee until the last part of the month because of it.
I can tell you that the next time that same opportunity will be posted is in November and hopefully you will consider applying again if you happen to be in that area. Always feel free to call the scheduling line Monday - Friday if you need something reviewed ASAP for a situation like you had. There should be someone here Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm EST at: 877-284-9785 (toll free). I hope this helps.
I had to come on here just to say, I did two shops for them on 9/24 and got home from a long day shopping today to find questions on BOTH shops. Hello? It's the 3d? I quickly responded though. I used to do a lot more shops for them but always had my shops reviewed within 48 hours.
I would not worry about it all that much because you will not get paid until at least a month has gone by.
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