Ipsos “OK for Pay” Turnaround Time

Hi Shoppers!

I am curious if anyone has some insight on Ipsos’s editing turnaround time for shops. It is my understanding the cutoff time for the end of the month dispersement is the 22nd. The shops must be edited and approved before the 22nd. I have several shops that have been “Pending Validation” for one week now. For these particular shops, another mystery shop company assigns and edits the reports before they are submitted to Ipsos for a second round of editing before they are marked “Ok for Pay”. The turnaround time for the first mystery shopping company’s edit is expedient.

I am curious if the Ipsos editors have extremely large bins given the nature of these surveys, and that is the explanation for the slow turnaround time. The company I work for expects a 24 turnaround time for edits. I have a great deal of out of pocket expenses and want to have a more realistic expectation for payment so I can plan accordingly.

Thank you so much for your time. I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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It happens to me all the time. They take around 1 week to show "Okay to Pay" for the shops completed.
I've noticed for me it's usually 5 days for them to go from pending to Ok for Pay. I think it's ridiculous as no other companies take that long to approve shops plus I often have shops approved just after the cutoff for the pay period. It seems planned to me but maybe it's just bad timing.

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Even with the editing delays, IPSOS has one of the fastest pays in MSing. OMG, how I HATE doing shops the first week of the month, knowing it'll be 7 or 8 weeks before I see a payment!
IPSOS used to be one of the fastest MSCs I work with in approving shops, but I've noticed a slowdown over the last few months. I wonder if they either are short staffed or have experienced a big increase in business....

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