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My question was answered. Thank you.

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That orange box appears on every shop. They are just trying to make you more aware and avoid unintentional errors with dates. It kinda makes sense to me to double check that stuff.
Everyone gets this before applying for a shop. Sometimes Market Force is a little strong with their messages sometimes like the one about payment but the one you are referring to is normal.
@fujikochan wrote:

For example, today I noticed the following message in an orange box above a CPI (something I hadn't noticed before):
"As an Independent Contractor, it is your responsibility to review the written guidelines provided for each shop and to print all necessary paperwork. An 'invalid' shop is one where our client's parameters are not met and we cannot report your shop results to our client. We will give you all the information you need to complete an accurate mystery shop that can be forwarded to our client. Please remember that we cannot pay you for invalid shops so we encourage you to print and read all paperwork carefully."

"Please carefully review the date(s) that you are choosing. Accept only shops during the dates that you can commit to handle as assigned. Some shops may not be rescheduled and others may only be rescheduled one time to enable us to meet our client deadlines. Thank you for your careful consideration of the dates you choose."

Unless this is new verbiage that is showing up for everyone, I can't help but think the following:
a) I'm apparently doing something wrong;
b) Why don't they address this directly over email or through shop feedback like healthy, functional adults would?

The messages aren't passive-aggressive, they aren't new, and they aren't targeting you. They are valid and true statements that apply to all Independent contractors who work for them. I applaud Market Force for very directly letting its contractors know that they are responsible for knowing the shop requirements and performing them correctly and warning them about rescheduling limitations. All too many new mystery shoppers think getting it done, right or wrong, is what's important. Many think they should get paid for showing up and doing the job even if they get it wrong.

You don't say how long you've worked for Market Force, but perhaps you are paying more attention to the guidelines now if you have just noticed these messages. That's a good thing.

I'm confused by your statement about wanting them to address these messages directly with each contractor through email or additional shop feedback. I actually think they are addressing the issues like healthy, functional adults.
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