Direct Scheduling Service & Ramack Scheduling is a SCAM

No. It's on this Forum under the Mystery Shopping Jobs Board. There is a Mongolian Grill shop posting with JuneRSS as the poster.

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Direct Scheduling Services (DSS) is gone. JuneRSS, Ramack Scheduling, is an independent scheduler. She is still in business and is currently scheduling Mongolian shops on behalf of Service Research Corporation. At the time Direct Scheduling Services (Melissa Benson) went belly-up, leaving unpaid shoppers in its wake, June was scheduling for DSS and defending them. This "ancient history" is recorded here on the forum if you Search for Direct Scheduling for "all dates" or if you read JuneRSS's posts. She previously scheduled for other companies who went out of business owing money to their shoppers.
I am so glad this conversation popped up when I searched google. I JUST signed up with June/RaMack and SHE emailed me verifying my registration. I will be sure not to do any shops for them. THANKS for saving me!
So I clicked on the Facebook page and found this about Melissa:

This is the obituary we are running in the local paper for Melissa Marcum Benson
I know some of you won't get the paper so I wanted to show it here.
Melissa Anne Benson (Marcum)
08/10/1974 – 10/04/2013

Born Scottsdale, AZ 08/10/1974 lost her courageous battle with Melanoma on 10/04/2013 at home surrounded by love. Melissa is survived by her husband Denver W. Benson, sons Alexander (Marcum) and Brandon, and daughters Jordyn and Taylor. An Open House Celebration of Life will be held at the family’s home on Sunday 10/20/2013 from 1:00 to 4:00 pm.

I think it is safe to say you won't get paid. I suppose you could go after her husband for payments or sue the estate. Not sure how that works.
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