Does MF pay for taxes?

There used to be one shop that if I ordered a drink I would not be reimbursed for. Tax because I would go over the max reimbursement. I just did the burger shop plus milkshake and got the bare minimum but my total is a dollar over because of tax. I thought that the burger shop did include tax in the reimbursement or has this changed? Thanks.

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Looking back at old receipts, I realize that they increased prices for almost all of the menu items. Can I submit a request to have the pay increased?
I get reimbursed for the total including tax - up to the reimbusement limit.

So for me to get a little burger, little fry and drink here I go over the reimbusement limit so I don't fully get reimbursed.

I hope they raise the reimbursement limits to keep pace but in the meantime I have increased my ask for the shop fee to compensate.

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@dafizisblue wrote:

Looking back at old receipts, I realize that they increased prices for almost all of the menu items. Can I submit a request to have the pay increased?

Market Force reimburses just like almost all of the other mystery shops. They set the maximum reimbursement amount and that is the maximum. Any purchases, tips, and tax you pay come out of that reimbursement amount. If you exceed the reimbursement amount, you still get the maximum reimbursement and the overage is not paid.

As for submitting a request to have the pay increased, you can ask but it probably won't happen. Although, if enough shoppers ask, maybe they will rethink some of the reimbursement amounts. Market Force has raised the reimbursement amount on several of the shops I do as menu prices got higher. I appreciate Market Force because they reevaluate the menu costs and update their reimbursements. I wish other companies would. I'm specifically thinking of A Closer Look here - they have clients they have had for at least 10 years (they may have had them longer) and, even though menu prices are 30-40% higher at the restaurants, the reimbursement amounts and purchase requirements are still the same. And Market Force actually pays a small fee. A Closer Look pays no fee in most cases, so if you exceed the reimbursement amount, not only do you make no money, you actually SPEND money to do their shop. AND the report for A Closer Look is significantly more detailed and time-consuming than the easy Market Force reports. Now if only Market Force would pick up some of the more high-level restaurants that A Closer Look has!
They increased the reimbursement amount a while back. Here, that covers the little cheeseburger and fries, and regular drink. If your minimums are not covered, ask for a bonus.

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I think MF has increased the burger shop reimbursement by 50 cents in my area! But if you're careful, you can come in at or under it.

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Around here, the base reimbursement covers a little (1 patty) burger, or any similar priced entree - plus small drink and small fries. Add bacon or cheese, you go over. I am typically 10 to 20 cents over after tax.

On bonused shops, I usually order a 2 patty burger.

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In my area you go over no matter what if you order the bare minimum so I won't do it unless it has a bonus. sad smiley
Perhaps the issue lies in a higher tax rate where you live. I am always battling that with food shops. And I suspect that living in a high tax state means you also live in a higher cost of living state where if it is possible for the owner to set different menu prices in different locations they do. It is sad that many times this industry cuts the reimbursement amts so close to rock bottom in their least expensive outlet that we cannot get full enjoyment out of our "free" meal.
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