Market Force shops?

I'm new to Market Force and seeing some shops I might like...anyone shop for them? I might try one shop with them to test the waters...

Shopping Idaho and Oregon/Idaho border region.

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95% of shoppers currently or have shopped for them. They are by far the biggest MSC out there.
I have been shopping for them for 12 years. Their shops are self-assign, so it's easy to fit them into your schedule. Their guidelines and shop report are combined together, and their shops tend to be fairly easy to do and report. Rarely are their guidelines confusing.
They pay on time. Note, however, that they have an 8 hour submission deadline for most, if not all, of their shops.
I do a lot of shops for them for the same reason people have put here easy reports, easy guidelines, easy to input on my phone and it only takes a few minutes to do the input. I've had times where I've gotten some good bonuses for some of their easy shops. Like you said try one and see if you like it. Good luck.
I love Market Force. The shops I’ve done for them here in Alaska are generally multiple choice with an optional comment section at end of survey.

The thing to know about Market Force is the closer it gets to shop date without anyone scheduled the pay goes up! Course I think that is probably true for most companies.

Market Force also starts you out slow with only a certain number of shops available to each shopper but if you do well the next month you are allowed more shops and so far I’ve found only phone shops have a final limit per month (5) so far.

They also pay much quicker by direct deposit than by check. Good luck!! ????

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Love MF, and you can reschedule your own shop, most of the time. One of my favs for the cheaper shops.
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