Marketforce "To complete this call" message hangs up on me.

I return a Marketforce scheduler's call to 925-293-3386 and instead of the usual automated greeting, I sometimes get the following "To complete this call, please press the following digits" then two digits, then it either hangs up, or a few seconds later, repeats "To complete this call, please press the following digits" with a different set of digits, then hangs up. Sometimes, it just give me the two digits, but always hangs up. I've given up on trying to call them back, after 47 attempts, well, I give up, apparently they really don't care about their bonkers system hanging up on shoppers trying to call them back to help. Curious tho, how big is this problem?

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I haven't had that problem. I've had their system go to voicemail many times. Not a way to get business imo.
Yes. Even when the recording says "We recently called you about a shop. Please hold for the next available representative." Then muzak. Then it hangs up -- eventually.

I don't even try to call them back any more.
It's because your calls are being transferred to a call center that is overseas. Do you have T-Mobile or MetroPCS? If so, reboot your phone and try again. Do you have a scheduler's phone number?
I'm with ceasesmith. If I miss a call from an overseas scheduler I don't try to return it anymore. It is nearly impossible for them to transfer me to the person who called, assuming I actually understood the persons name from the phone message.
I see, so then the poor dear tiddlywinks who run Marketforce simply do not think it's important to get the jobs done. Fine, I'll spend my time more productively than trying to call back in a futile effort to be a good shopper.
I wanted to talk to someone at Marketforce about two shops that had issues they said and the emails were confusing because of the two shops and I asked to talk to someone and I was told they are email based only. I am so mad about that since they can call me when they desperately want me to do a shop. I might be done with them.
That's probably how this forum was born. Ask your questions here, @4muppets. That's what I try to do. I know it's difficult to do that sometimes as some posters get all up in your face nasty but it's better, sometimes, than waiting for MF, or even Maritz, to answer.

If you have a question about an assignment, you can't call the schedulers, even the U.S. schedulers because they don't know or they have lied to me when asked a question. You have to use the 'Help" on the main screen and send an email and the longest they've taken to reply is a couple of days so you would need to ask early.
Yes, the continuous flow of message responses from multiple people whoever you get when you go to the help on the main screen is ridiculous. I would rather someone try to hit me with flying darts.
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