Is Marketforce website down, or have I been (gulp!) deactivated?

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If you can log in I can guarantee you the site is not down. I can also tell you you can't be deactivated (since you account let you in). Now why you see no jobs, that part I cannot answer. I saw no shops at login but then did a search based on location and they showed up. Maybe try that.

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I was in this morning with no problems. I just logged in now - just before noon - and I have no problem searching for shops.
I did get deactivated from them recently.... I had gone too long without doing any shops for them.... I got reinstated, but now have to decide if I should do a shop for them for the sake of remaining active. I guess they will only reactivate me three times before it would be permanent....... I guess three shops in two years doesn't cut it for them. Alas.....

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Hubby and I both were deactivated recently for inactivity, and it had been far less than a year. Not worth reactivating.
I get some nice bonuses from MF. I'd be upset to get deactivated. Once they gave me $125 for a check cashing place where all I had to do was buy a money order. It was only 8 miles away. It took 5 minutes in the place and 15 to report. They lost that client, unfortunately. They have given me $80 for audits that normally pay $20 several times recently. It's worth staying active.
@stormraven73 wrote:

Hubby and I both were deactivated recently for inactivity, and it had been far less than a year. Not worth reactivating.
More likely they deactivated you because you had two family members with accounts. This happens frequently.
That's true, I have seen posts from people over the years that this has happened to, usually two family members within the same household, though.
We have been with them for well over a decade with no issues, and we did take a break from them, it was more like 6 months, though
I got deactivated due to inactivity. When I was re-instated they said I had to do a shop within three months or I would be deactivated again. So maybe their boundary is three months.
This just happened to me but I’m fairly certain I have been deactivated. Last month, I scheduled several shops (which I rarely do) then had to cancel almost all of them due to several factors. On the app it says no shops available and online it just shows a loading imagine. I wish they would send out emails letting us know when we have been deactivated.
Deactivated by marketforce...did 2 shops this week...been with them over 10 years... now completed shops show but when I hut fund new shops no shops just spinnng image. I had a shop set for this week no reschedule dates worked as I have family Coming to town... wrote help desk and asked if other dates they wrote back no and they knew family came first them bam! Deactivated. No other family members shop. Kinda upset after all these years yet also tired of the low pay and same shops.
I just logged in and assigned a job. They deactivated me about 5 years ago because of my inactivity, but just re-instated me and I got to self-assign. I don't think it odd for them to deactivate, they do it often. We'll see how it goes, yet another burger shop......if you write and ask, they tell you the story as to why you've bee deactivated.

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Hey, at keast it's a darned good burger.
any tips ob the best thing to order...not doing it till the 1st.

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Just get a single patty cheeseburger with the little fry and a small fountain drink, should be close to the reimbursement amount. The little fry is the smallest French fries size and it's still too much for me to eat. It's too bad they dont let us ask for crisp fries...their fries are limp.
Not Inn@Out, The Habit, The Hook, many good ones here, hope I enjoy it, do you get the milkshake?

Live consciously....
Only certain locations have milkshakes and sometimes you don't have to order one. There will be an extra reimbursement attached if you have to get the milkshake. I like the shakes.

We don't have Inn@Out, The Habit, or the Hook...never had one so I can't say, but this burger shop is pretty good (other than I like crispy fries). Even for regular burger places with great fries I don't really eat the fries (maybe 1/3 of them) so no big deal.
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