Sentry "Quick Pay"

Could someone tell me what constitutes "Quick Pay" with Sentry? I took three assignments back in July - they were "bonused and set to Quick Pay" -- Completed the shops, they were accepted, and....nothing. Invoice drops on 8/16, looks like they are set to pay on SEPTEMBER 30th?? How is that "Quick Pay?"
And yes, I sent an response.

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I am sure Dave will pop in shortly. He is the owner and he posts here frequently. Either that or one of his reps might chime in. I don't shop for Sentry anymore so I can't tell you when they pay.
I guess the "quick pay" is 3 months instead of 4 months? Either way the pay is way too slow. Just one of the reasons that I do not do work for this MSC.
Sounds like you got stuck in their normal pay schedule. Dave sometimes says "we pay in 45 days to 60 days", but I doubt that ever happens. If you shopped on July 14, got approved and accepted on July 15, and somehow made the July invoice, you would get paid on Aug 31. Roughly 45 days. But the chances of that happening are about as good as the Lions winning the Super Bowl this year. If you shopped in July on or after the 15th, you're waiting 60 - 75 days for payment. Let us know how they respond to the "quick pay" enticement.

proudly shopping in the D.
@Mousegal, I just saw a message they posted on the job board for a sports equipment shop. Says "Quick Pay" on Sept 7 for shops done in August. That would be quick pay for Sentry. Did they specify the pay date on the shops you took in July? Try a search. Sentry seems to be using the job board forum pretty regularly lately.

proudly shopping in the D.
Just an update - I actually got an email from Sentry about 2 hours after I posted here - and a notification from Dwolla shortly after. That was 4 days ago -- anyone know how long it takes for Dwolla to actually put the money in your bank account? (Hasn't happened yet) And yes, Sentry apologized, it was a pure oversight...happens to the best of us!
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