Question on market force theater shops?

Does Market Force offer theater shops that allow you to watch the entire movie? I'm signed up with them, having a tough time navigating what wording I should be on the lookout for the movie side..and if so what is it called? I see theater check and blind check...I guess I got spoiled with the other msc's that allow you to watch the entire movie

Shopping Idaho and Oregon/Idaho border region.

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MarketForce/Certified Field only have trailer checks or auditing - low pay and they cancel frequently - usually the Wednesday before the Friday trailer check. Verites also does trailer checks. Sometimes they will have trailer checks that involve a full screening for scene reactions. Then you get to watch the movie. I think the last full screen I did was for Ant Man.
I've done many of these shops and I almost always get invited to stay for the movie by the manager.
Truthfully.. I will say that I have not had problems with wither verities or market force .. its actually up to the theater if you can sit and watch the movie. yea the company only wants the trailers but once inside and you do what you are supposed todo sitting and watching is not a problem
Once you get friendly enough with the theater staffs, then you can watch the movie and maybe even come in other times....BUT....Verites has dropped checkers who stayed and watched the movie, so proceed with caution.
Marketforce blind checks have you count patrons throughout the movie. Sometimes you get to see the same movie multiple times. They have regular theaters and drive in theaters. You count the cars at the drive in.

For trailer checks you have to go from screen to screen and these are revealed.
I don't do revealed shops.
Thanks everyone for the replies,@Schoolmarm..this is actually what I was looking for..just to clarify about how long do they want you to sit and wait to count the patrons in one showing? One other msc wants you to stay the entire movie but didn't specify at what point to count the patrons..they just want a total..I would just get there 30 minutes my bathroom check...get concessions..go to the movie room and sit in back and count patrons as they entered the theater..then minus them if they left and added them if they came back. I did this for the entire movie

Shopping Idaho and Oregon/Idaho border region.

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It's a count throughout, so you count for the entire movie for all showings of the film. So you watch the first screening, then you go buy another ticket for the next show. Rinse/repeat until all shows are done. You need to take someone with you if the show is on more than one screen. You have to stay until after about the first 30 minutes of the last showing. You usually find out midweek what the feature is that the need the patron counts for.

I like working for them.
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