Approval for Intelli-Shop?

I completed two shops for Intelli-Shops and the status has been showing received since 8/4/18. There isn't anything in the "help" section. Does anyone know how long it takes for a shop to be accepted (or declined) by this MSC?

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If you expand the shop in your shop log, is it showing a job rating? I believe when it shows "received" and not "completed" it has been edited. Intellishop is usually fairly quick at editing reports
I did open them up and saw the job rating of 10/10 but it's been like that since the first week of August. One just has nice comments and the other says, "Reviewer comments: Thank you for your help with this report. A score of 10 has been given, however the image you provided may be rejected by the client as it is not as clear as required. This email does not qualify as permanent finalization until the client accepts the report and images. Please keep in mind that the client has the final say in whether they will accept or reject a shop for payment based on the photo quality. It is recommended that you retain all photos until after you have been paid for this shop. Thanks."
Again though, it's been since the first week of August. I'm more concerned if the shop(s) were accepted and wasn't sure how long was typical.
It sounds like the first one should be OK, the second one I am not sure how long approval takes from the client, I haven't been in that particular situation - you may just need to wait until either you hear from them or if you see the payment on their next pay cycle. You can always reach out on the "help/contact" and ask them if the client accepted the shop
My Intellishop shops always show "Submitted" and change to "Received" after they are edited and given a grade. I think once your shop has been edited you can stop worrying. There's no notation in the Shop Log that shows that a shop has been accepted by the client. Your shops will continue to show "Received" after you are paid. I don't know if the shop log changes to something other than "Received" if the client does NOT accept the shop, because I've never had it happen. In the rare case that your report would not be accepted by the client, you would hear from Intellishop and they would ask questions. Otherwise, no news is good news. Once I get the grade, I figure I will get paid. If your shops were received 8/4, I'm guessing you'll get paid in mid-September.
I think it's typical with all MSCs that use Sassie for it to show "completed" and then after it is reviewed, it shows as "received". With the infamous pizza shops, the client might reject it and that's why you got the disclaimer. I don't think that happens that often, if the MSC thinks it's okay most of the time the client will accept it as well.
Stacy, not to put a damper on the subject, but if the shop was a pizza shop, it could be almost a month before the client accepts or rejects it. Sometimes they do reject them.
Thank you all for letting me know. The last time I did a pizza shop, I had to take pictures of the bottom and cut it with a box cutter. As you know, that’s been a while. I just wanted to make sure there wasn’t any steps I was missing. I appreciate everyone’s feedback.
The second one is a certain editor at intelli who has a shop auto comment with a very negative tone. Ive emailed my scheduler twice asking about it.
Hi, My experience has been if a shop states received then it’s been accepted. Usually you get a rating with a brief comment but not always.
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