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I have been mystery shopping for over 2 years now. I work for many many mystery shopping companies. I am registered with over 300 mystery shop companies and recently did some shops for a company called CHECKMARK INC.COM. The company's website states that payment is sent out the 24th of next month after your completed shop. THIS IS NOT TRUE!!! The company is expecting shoppers to wait an additional month to be paid. This means shops completed in early October will not be paid until the middle to the end of December. Their shops require the shopper to make a purchase for which you are NOT reimbursed.

Basically they sit on the money you paid out of pocket to complete their shops for over TWO months. THIS PRACTICE IS UNHEARD OF!!! All other mystery shop companies pay out the month after the shop is completed. Shoppers should not have to wait over two months to be compensated especially when they have spent their own money to provide CHECKMARK INC. with the information for their clients.

The Owner of the Company Carol White, appears unconcerned with the false statements on her website regarding payment of mystery shops... She needs to know that her total disregard for upholding the COMPANY policies stated on her website regarding payment to shoppers is legally actionable.

So beware when you accept shops. This company shops **** stores, like ****, and ****...- So if you have any of these shops you may want to STOP Playing Games - like - hide and seek with the shopper payroll - and shop for companies that pay out when they are supposed to.

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I have been going done mystery shopping for the past 2 years also. I have done shops for Check mark Inc and have had NO Problem getting paid . I have not had any problems with this company.
I have performed shops for CheckMark Inc. and have had no problems. I am relatively new to the whole MSing thing, only been doing it for about 4 months, but other than relatively low pay, I have nothing to complain about. I do believe that the shop form tells you if you will be reimbursed for any purchases, and if it does not expressly say that, why would you think that you would be reimbursed?
Maybe you should read the post more carefully. No-where do I say I thought I would be reimbursed. I pointed out how this company has been operating recently. If you mystery shopped as much as I do, for as many different companies as I do, you would know that waiting 2 or 2 1/2 months for payment is unheard of, especially when you are outlaying your own money for purchases to complete the shops.

Companies like ShopnChek- pay out around the 15th of the month following the month of your shop. When the companies require you as the shopper to make a purchase to complete a shop, they typically pay out quickly, as you have spent your own money to help complete the shop. Other companies like CRS will reimburse you within 3-5 business days for purchases made on their behalf to complete shops.

CHECKMARK INC- is having some financial problems lately. The other person who said they didn't have a problem-probably hasn't shopped for this company within the past month or two.
Well I guess you really aren<t too sure what you are talking about I ahve been shopping for them for the past 6 months and have been paid every time. i have not had to wait for 2-3 months after a shop to get paid. I get paid from tghem right on time. I just finished a big project for them.

That's nice. I'm glad you have been paid. However, I am sharing MY experience with this company. As fas as my "not knowing what I am talking about", I don't think this forum is meant for nasty snippy remarks. I feel that we are all sharing our opinions, incites and information for other people to gain information. If your experience with checkmark has been a positive one, that's great. However, your experience with this company, apparently is very different than my experience has been. Since I did speak directly to the owner of the company, I did note a very big discrepancy in what Ms. White told me, regarding payroll, verses what the website states. I think that since you were not privy to my conversation with the Owner of Checkmark inc, that you really don't have the right to say that I don't know what I'm talking about. I have conveyed to the other readers of this forum, what was said to me by the owner of the company, verses what is stated on their website.

This forum is supposed to be for an exchange of ideas, experiences, and information. It is not meant to be used to impune the contributers to these conversations.

I wish you success in your future endeavors. - HAPPY HOLIDAYS!
I would like to say, That I too haven't been paid for a 3 General Dollars Store Audits. That took place back in Dec 28, 2006.
When I call the company on this , They had told me they were late due to the fact that General Dollar was late in paying, I call at a later date and found that General Dollar had paid them a half of a million dollars. Then they told me my check was in the mail and I called back 4 other times and told them that I didn't recieve a check for them to cut me another check and they refused. My only opion was to place a call to the General Dollar Store Corporation and tell them about this. And I did and waiting for a call back from General Dollar Corporation since they made out a report on this. I had suggested that they drop Checkmark. Since they have had several complaints from shoppers not getting paid. I had worked for this company several times and always had recieved my checks until now. I also gave the General Dollar Corporation other sites that had complaints on them on the Checkmark company, so they are aware of dealing with this company. You shop for this company of Checkmark BEWARE.
I cant complain about checkmark as I have only done a couple of shops for them and none of them recent. i will keep my eys open tho.
It is standard practice for companies to pay you up to a month and a half after you have done a shop.

But I have herad many bad things about Check mark inc.
Thanks for the info. I usually make it a practice to go to the Better Business Bureau periodically to check for any complaints.
Can you return the merchandise that you pay out of pocket after you do the shop?
Then you get your money back instantly plus make the money you would have been paid for the shop.
I have done several bank shops for Checkmark since Nov.2006 and have not had any problems so far. I understood going into this work that the pay takes over a month to arrive in some cases, but I have had several assignemnts each month so I have a regular flow of payments coming in.
I haven't had any pay problems with CheckMark, Inc. After one of the shops, however, I got a message that the shop was not done and I was being "deactivated". I had done several shops. I contacted them and said I have photocopies to show that my report was submitted. I was immediately reinstated.
I have shopped with Checkmark, and I did not have this problem. I was reimbursed for my purchases, and I was paid when they said I would be.
I have been trying to get paid for a shop I did in April 2006. I got paid in July and the check bounced in August 2006. Despite MANY, MANY phone calls I am still waiting (for both the payment + the bank fee)

You might consider this as it happens more often in companies than we know. Suppose a dishonest person started working for a company and began embezzling money. The company didn't catch on right away, and some problems occurred which affected the payroll, customers' awareness of problems within the company, and the company reputation. If that happened within a company, it (1) would not tell you the entire story, (2) be constrained by legal issues so it couldn't tell anyone, and (3) have financial troubles until it could recover, since it probably would never recover the money.

I'm not saying that this happens to any real company that you or I have ever done business with, and I'm not smearing any company. I'm just saying that sometimes things aren't the fault of the person who appears to be at fault.

Now as to why you still don't have your money. . . . perhaps they're trying.

I could be right, or your suspicions could be right.

I haven't had any problems with that particular company. I've learned not to be quick to jump to conclusions even though I have a suspicious nature myself.

Food for thought.
Found this really old thread about Checkmark. Does this company still exist?

EDIT: And I guess the OP's name says it all, huh?

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