East Coast shoppers for Market Force, check your email and assignments for the next week

I am in Maryland, MF has begun rescheduling all of my current shops for the next 7 days. The email indicates that the 18th is the earliest date they are using. I have a shop for today I was informed to not shop, but it also can not be rescheduled by me. They have not rescheduled that one for me yet.


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I am on the west cost and had one of my shops re-scheduled. I was able to go into the website and pick a new date. But the 18th was the earliest I could pick.
I just went to the website and when I clicked on Find Shops, the page came up blank. I got a call from a schedular today and my shop is still listed under My Shops, so I don't think I have been dropped. What's going on? Is it trouble with the website?

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They cancelled one of my shops and didn't reschedule it, said it was an error in their system. They have done this before.
I completed one shop today and am scheduled for another one on Saturday. So far, no notice to re-schedule or cancel, but it wouldn't be the first time if it happens....

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There is one shop that I got an e-mail about saying the client wanted it done at a later date.
I had that happen when Sandy came through NJ a few years ago. All the grocery stores in the area discontinued shops for a while and rightfully so. The businesses need time to get their feet back on the ground.

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