Market Force - Picture Guidelines?

I'm doing my first mystery shop later on today, but the job guidelines says to look at Market Force's Digital Picture Guidelines, but I've tried looking all over the website and I just can't seem to find them. Can anyone link me there or give me a run down as to what the guidelines are? I really don't want to mess up my first shop.
Thanks in advance!

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After you log in, if you look at the bottom of the page, you will see the "Shopper Support Center" link. Click on that, type "photos" in the search bar, and information about linking photos will appear.
Go into your Market Force account; click on "My Shops"; click on the shop in question; click on "View Assignment Details"; click on the "Guidelines and Questionnaire".
You could also type in "digital pictures" and a few hits appear...I had never done that before. Don't stress, it's not hard to figure out without ever having read that info, as I have done it many, many times. But it won't hurt to read the info, either.
Goneshopping, the OP is asking about digital photo guidelines, not how to access their guidelines (since they obviously already read the guidelines and it's asking them to refer to the digital picture guidelines--not the same thing).
Oh, okay. I thought it was referring to how the pictures should look rather than uploading them.
Thank you for your responses though!
Also, do you have any tips for how the pictures should look? Like are there any specific things I HAVE to do? There's no specifics in my shop's guidelines, besides having all the items in view. I guess I'm wondering about angles and the background more than anything.
They aren't terribly picky, as long as what you are taking a photo of is clear and not blurry. I don't recall ever seeing any other particulars about angles and all that. Take several photos of whatever it is, just like you would for anything else.
The only one I’ve seen specifics about angles is the food shops. They want to be able to see the side and top so they say a 45* angle.
If you are doing the fast food burger shop they are picky about the angle but the guidelines are clear on it. They also want you to upload every photo you take of the burger so don't go crazy taking pix.
You actually do not need to upload every photo you take. I have always uploaded just 1 good picture and have not had any problems with my shops being approved.
We must be talking about different shops. The one I've done actually requires you to agree that you will upload every photo you take and provides space to do so. You link only one but upload them all.
@panama18 wrote:

We must be talking about different shops. The one I've done actually requires you to agree that you will upload every photo you take and provides space to do so. You link only one but upload them all.

There is more than one MF shop that has guidelines stating that you agree to upload every photo you have taken. However, there is no QA used to determine whether a shopper has actually uploaded every photo he took....and how could MF verify whether or not a shopper has or has not uploaded every photo? This is another case of not completely following the guidelines because it pertains to something that can't be verified so the shopper can get away with it.
I disagree with your assertion that I did not completely follow guidelines. My belief is why should I provide more than the required information since providing more information could lead to mistakes (someone once stated on this forum that he/she inadvertently uploaded a wrong photo along with the right ones and got the shop rejected because of it). I believe that they want the shopper to upload every photo taken so that they could choose the best one and not have to go back to the shopper should the submitted photo is inadequate. Therefore, I always make sure that the photo I upload is a good one.
My post was not intended as a criticism of you or an assertion that you had not followed the guidelines, Goneshopping. If your belief is that you should not provide more than one photo, then it's up to you and your conscience. Every shopper must interpret and follow the guidelines himself. If you believe they want every shopper to upload every photo taken for a reason that you consider invalid and because of that, you choose to upload only one, that's fine. My point was, and remains, that any shopper who uploads one photo, regardless of what the guidelines say, will likely have no difficulty getting the shop approved. Regardless of what MF says about uploading every photo taken, they have no way to enforce that.
Well, GS, if I were MF and you asked me to believe that you, an experienced shopper, took only one photo of a hamburger and then ate it I don't think I would believe you. They just don't want to make an issue of it, which is between them and the client who is requesting the photos.

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Market Force guidlines should just above where you go to start your shop. Usually its a adobe acrobat pdf download or windows which ever system you use.
In the download should show all features and example of pictures for your particular assignment. Good luck with your 1st assignment. Market also has a help desk you can email questions to.just make sure to have your ID number and project number
I've done a lot of work for Market Force. I know at the end of certain reports that requires photos that I am having to agree to upload all pictures taken during that shop. If I am clicking a box agreeing and certifying to do it, I feel there is a reason they are requesting it.

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