ACL scheduler and promises of 'premiere' lists and reward shops?

So my area has recently gotten a new scheduler, who sends out emails trying to get shoppers to pick up what could be considered the 'less diserable' shops (like that one pizza chain) by promising to put us on a premiere list or offering a 'fine dining' shop as a reward. For the latter however, what they were promising as a reward shop was already viewable on the job board anyway (at least for me). I'm also skeptical of some magical premiere lists. Anyone ever face this type of thing?

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My scheduler does this as well, but I have not taken any of these offers. I also don't generally have a problem with the pizza shop and have done several. If I see a "premier" shop I will request it and have no problem getting it assigned to me as I feel I have proven myself with them. For me personally, I do not like the "reward shop" game LOL give me a bonus talks smiling smiley
Ha! Yes- I'd rather have $ then be rewarded with a steak dinner that I'll have to spend 3 hours writing a report for that night due to their 12 hour turnaround time. Just not worth it to me. But I feel like its an underhanded strategy considering I could already go and self assign that particular steak shop without having signed up for the other shop it was supposedly attached to.
I've just started shopping with ACL and I've seen this and I don't mind it at all.

I actually like my scheduler, L, because she seems to really work with me concerning questions and availability. Additionally, the editor was very patient with me during my first shop of one certain type.

Those two ladies (scheduler and editor) made me feel very good about accepting ACL shops whenever I have time....
I really like my scheduler too and all of the editors I have dealt with have always been lovely.
I don't mind this approach as long as the scheduler keeps her promises. Also, please remember that shoppers don't all see the same shops or have the same self-assign privileges. You may be able to self assign a desirable shop, but another shopper may not even see it listed under available events. So, the scheduler's approach is worth much more to some other shoppers.
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