Coyle high dollar dining

Capital Grill was for an "easier" MSC. Coyle is so particular. I wish I could post what they asked me recently. It was one of those "what color were the shoe laces of the second manager's shoes" type of deal.

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I have done several shops for Coyle, all which were rated well. However, on two shops they came back and asked me questions that were not on the questionnaire or anywhere in the guidelines. They then proceeded to chastise me and mark me down for having to contact me. I also have gotten reviews/scores where I don't even understand what they are marking me down for. I find them to be retentive jerks and not worth the time. The last report, I copied their sample report almost exactly. I changed wording, of course, but used the same info (time stamps, descriptions of staff, narrative on each course). I was given an 89% with no explanation. I have done much higher end shops for other MSC's and gotten rave reviews.
Agreed. Their grading does not make much sense and varies based on who is editing the report.

We went to that original few hundred dollar dinner shop tonight. There were Lambos, Bentleys, and Maseratis in the lot of the valet. It was fascinating. The women had bags that cost more than some cars, fur coats, expensive clothes, and they were plastered with makeup.

Even though we do okay, we were not raised like this, and it was strange. My husband is okay with it since we are not paying for it.

We were at dinner, and he whispered to me, "you know, you could get eight Costco chickens for the price of your meal." I ordered the lowest cost entree on the menu.
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