Veterinary Shops—Anyone seems these lately

I am wondering if these shops are still done or not, does anyone know the answer or what company does them now? I haven’t seen any since 2009. I quit shopping for several years and now that I’m doing it again I’m interested in these shops again. Thanks.

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I did one a few months ago and saw one posted fairly recently but I can't remember which MSC. It was one of the best shops I've done, as I met an excellent vet, the report was amazingly straightforward and not at all repetitive, and it paid well..enough to get six months of flea medicine.
Djd1950–should you see an email or something regarding these please consider a private message to me. I’d certainly appreciate it. Thanks for letting me know they are still around.
Thank you to everyone for your help!!! I checked out Secretshopper as that’s who I did one with in 2009 but none have come up in my area since I started looking again. Must be my area that doesn’t have them anymore. I’ll keep checking! Thanks again.
I did a vet shop for Secret Shopper back in 2010, but haven't seen any from them in my area since!
If anyone is looking for veterinary shops because their pet needs vaccines or routine care, see if your local Petco or PetSmart hosts a walk in "Vetco" clinic. I used to work with rescue animals, and was often contacted by owners looking for a lower cost care option for their pets. Many stores have a vet come in for a few hours each month where they do vaccines, heartworm testing/prevention, flea/tick, deworming, microchips, etc. There is no exam fee-- you just pick and choose what your animal needs.
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