Marketforce mobile pay app gas shop

Has anyone done the mobile pay app gas mystery shoo for Marketforce. If so, how difficult or easy was it?

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I have, in theory it should be easy but the app and the pumps gave me no end of trouble. It was also freezing and raining so maybe I'm a bit skewed.
I signed up for 2 of them and ended up canceling since my app was not working. It wouldn't go thru and then I kept trying and then it would say you made too many requests to buy gas please wait a few minutes and try again. I did this at both gas stations and got the same result so I ended up canceling. There's 20 minutes of my life I'll never get back.
Very easy for me on the pumps..have done a few..none of the cashiers had any idea on how to scan the code on the phone..for the inside purchase

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@jef7777..reread the can still complete the shop even if the app is giving you errors..

@Swilli..extremely easy..try one and see if you agree...

Shopping Idaho and Oregon/Idaho border region.
I did one last week. The locator was off and said i was too far away.(70 feet I think). Of course I was right at the pump. I followed the trouble-shooting but ended up using the app inside to pay for my gas and purchase. The clerk knew how to do it, but it doubled my time at the location.

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@LW...when you use it do they scan the qr it with the handheld scanner..or with holding the phone to the pin pad?..Ive never used an app like this and none of the cashiers I've run across know how to scan the qr code...

Shopping Idaho and Oregon/Idaho border region.
I had the same experience as dawnhu. It was easy at the pump, but none of the clerks had knowledge or training on how to use it for an inside purchase.
Yeah I thought it was weird when some of the employees were holding my phone up to the pin pad for this shop...I have an amc membership that also provides a qr code but they always scan it with a hand held scanner...I really like these shops though for the mobile gas app hope they bring them around again...

Shopping Idaho and Oregon/Idaho border region.
I just signed up for this shop with a good size bonus. The report looks fairly easy. It sounds like the issue is the actual app. I see that if it does not work after you trouble shoot that you can just pay (after again trying to pay inside with the app after the pump). My only small concern is that in Oregon we have gas attendants that pump gas and it is not self serve. Should be interesting.
I just completed this shop and it was very easy. I pulled up to the pump and once and asked the attendant if I could use mobile pay. The attendant said that she did not know how so I jumped out of the car and figured it out and she was very patient. I had to put in a password or my fingerprint for the actual pump number part to pop up. Then after that it was very easy. I jumped over the store in the same parking lot (no other store near the gas station) and proceeded to do the second part of the shop. When I went to pay, the cashier said they did not take mobile pay and come to find out they have no association with the gas shop. The report was a teeny tiny challenging to fill out since there was not a spot to put that the store was n/a.
I kept running into errors with adding my payment information, even though I entered everything correctly. The guidelines say to cancel the shop if you can't add this info, so I had to cancel after trying for half an hour. Pretty frustrating. It seems like a simple shop for those that can get it to work, though!

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