Bare contact info please!

I need a contact info for Bare, not scheduler but someone who can help with an issue I had with a pay for the shop overseas (where they don't seem to give a clear explanation)

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I got this off of their website:

North America

3702 Pender Drive, Suite #305
Fairfax, VA 22030 USA

Toll Free +1 (800) 296-6699
Local +1 (703) 591-9870
Fax +1 (703) 293-3124
Thanks JAS! I also went on website and searched and was surprised when I didn’t find a contact info. Long day....not a bad day such long day...Thank you so much for the help and effort. I appreciate it sincerely! It would have been easier if there was an email thou; I will call them

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You are right. There was an email icon but it didn't show the email address. When I clicked on the icon, nothing happened so I don't know...weird. There are also contacts listed for offices in other countries, too.
I didn’t even notice the email icon. I will look for it and see what happens. it has been my experience that it is easier to deal with US offices/people. I do a lot of int’l shops and am part of ESL crowd ....yeah..

Edited to add: yes, when you get on the computer, you can click on the email icon and all is good: Thanks again for the tip.

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