Freeman Group company

in case if I did not get payment from Freeman since 2012 , it's too long to ask for this help.
I just know this website. pls suggest.

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No, it's way too late. Back in 2012 is when you should have addressed the problem. So sorry. You are not alone, and there have been other companies since that did the same and owe shoppers money. I am owed a lot of money by Franchise Compliance and NSS, and both are long gone and I will never see a dime.
They are still open doing consulting, not mystery shopping. His wife ( I think her name is Pat) was the contact person and the one answering the phones or she did up until 6 months ago.

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If they are still operational, why are they not bejng held responsible for all the money they owe shoppers?

If they are still operational, why are they not bejng held responsible for all the money they owe shoppers?

That is a good question. I have no idea.
I suspect that it is due to the way that they went through bankruptcy. We were unsecured creditors. That means we get paid last and once whatever fund are paid out, the case is closed.

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@wegogary2 wrote:

What recourse does a MS have when a company doesn’t pay.

When a company goes out of business and declares bankruptcy, a MS has no recourse. Any unsecured creditor has no recourse.
A few years back, a video shopper decided to complete work for Instant-Replays, even though there was a long trail of problems, including, but not limited to their main scheduler not being paid. She requested advice before accepting the jobs, but then decided to ignore sound reasoning and believe the owner would pay her; he did not. So often there are signs that scream out: STAY AWAY! So it was with Freeman.
The Freeman Group is back and looking for more mystery shoppers again. You should definitely try and get your money. I know I will be.

I got an email a few days ago from a job site and it had their name on it. Did the research and it checked out. It seems like the owner moved the business to another state (pretty sure they used to be based in Texas). It seems like somewhere in Florida or Louisiana now. Maybe the Caribbean. Kind of hard to tell from their webpage.
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