Completed Market Force Shops Disappearing

I just completed and reported a Market Force shop after their last site update. I submitted the report and went to check it on the Assignment/Receipt Status page. It is not there. That has never happened to me before and I've done hundreds of shops for them.

I also see that some of the shops I completed, reported, and saw on the Assignment/Receipt page earlier today have now vanished.

Has anyone had this same thing happen today?

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Yes. I had a shop that was in QC disappear on me today too.

Lady Marius
Canadian Mystery Shopper
All my shops that have not been approved (and there are a few!) have disappeared. I'm glad it's not just me. One of the "disappeared" ones has shown up now that it's been approved, so hopefully they'll all show back up soon.
Yeah I tried to ask about that too and because could not call and only explain in email I never got an answer....the shops showed up later though.
I'm glad it's not only me! I just reported a shop and didn't see it (as well as a couple others recently completed) on my Assignment Status page, which hasn't occurred before. I panicked a bit and sent them an email, but seeing this post has helped calm my worry a bit. Hopefully it's just a glitch that will be fixed.
I noticed disappearing shops a month ago, in my case so far the earliest completed are disappearing and the latest two or three still stay there, but then being kind of replaced with newer ones. I freaked out at first, but waited if I was going to get paid for them and I was! So as a relatively new shopper I thought this is just the way it worked.)
Yes all my assignments that had not been approved yet has disappeared. They were there this morning and gone this afternoon .
There was a note that they were doing maintenance from 12pm-2pm maybe that has something to do with it.

This reminds me to start writing down my submission confirmation number.
I did 2 jobs on 10/16 and checked on them after sending the report and they were both gone and that was within minutes. I wrote to the help desk about the problem but have not heard anything. First time this has ever happened to me.
I can't get to the status page...just keeps spinning. That started a few days ago.

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Zen Shin Talks
Mine has reappeared now and it is Approved. Funny thing is I could have added expenses to the shop, yet it was not appearing in the Shop Status Area. Weird with a capital W. (I am sure it had to do with the maintanence they were doing on the site).

Lady Marius
Canadian Mystery Shopper
I got an answer from the Help Desk. Computer glitch that they are trying to correct.

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I just looked to see what you were all talking about, and not only do I not see shops that are currently in QC, but I see a few random shops going as far back as 2004!?
I just emailed them about the same thing. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one having this issue.

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I just reported 2 more jobs that disappeared within seconds. Didn't even get a chance to check the jobs before they were gone. I don't hear back from the help desk.
Having the same issue..hope it gets fixed soon..have completed 4 shops in the past 2 days that have dissappeared..

Shopping Idaho and Oregon/Idaho border region.
Me too. My shops didn't disappear, I just get the spinning and the page won't load. I still can't view the status of a shop I completed on Sunday.

@MsJudi wrote:

I can't get to the status page...just keeps spinning. That started a few days ago.
I have been going nuts because I can't get a hold of anyone from there. I woke up today and all of my shops I performed and submitted yesterday have magically disappeared like they have never existed. I hope to hear back to them today or Monday.

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CW, before or AFTER you submitted reports? When I get home, if I'm past the 8 hour deadline, I always e-mail HelpDesk and tell them the reports are late They NORMALLY then keep them open for me.
I submitted them last night before midnight and they showed up on the assignment receipt page last night, but were all gone today.
Had 2 shops reappear after they were approved...

Shopping Idaho and Oregon/Idaho border region.
It’s still happening. My shop just disappeared after it went to the confirmation screen. It’s not in Assignment Status.
My assignment status page just won't load at all. Frustrating. I guess I would wig out more if the page would load but the shops were not there.
Good NEWS!

As of this evening, it is Fixed. Everything is correct now.

Lets hope it stays that way! smiling smiley
Not fixed yet. A couple of my shops are still missing. The shops seem to reappear after they have been approved.
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