Did not receive payment from Market Force

Anyone have trouble receiving payment from Market Force? I did a shop with them in September and according to the payment details, should have had payment direct deposited in Oct 10. I still don’t see it in my account. How long do they take to email back? I emailed them a few days ago but still nothing. Feeling super annoyed with them right now as this is my first shop with them.

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I received my September shop payments via direct deposit as usual around the 10th of the month. I've never had any issue with MF payments in over 10 years. I am assuming you have received payments before via direct deposit. If not, maybe there is a mix up in your account number or with your bank. The help desk usually replies promptly. Let us know how it works out.

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I seem to recall that the first time you get paid will be by check, then you will start receiving DD. I'm not sure what the time frame is for paper checks though.
Even a paper check for September shops should have been received by now. Direct deposit was around 10/10 and paper checks usually are mailed about the 20th. Go to your profile and double check your information to troubleshoot a little before emailing them again. Check your address and be sure it is shown correctly. I think kathygry is right that the first payment is by check. Also check your direct deposit information and be sure your bank shows up and the account number is correct. At the top of that page should be the status of your direct deposit approval. A completed direct deposit verification should show Sign Up .... Verifying with Bank.....Approved. Also double check and be sure the payment was not deposited to your account on the 8th-12th. A small payment might be easy to miss. Help Desk usually responds pretty quickly.

Best luck. This should be easily resolved. In nine years, I've never once had a payment issue.
Okay thanks. This is my first shop with them. I haven’t received a check in the mail yet. I emailed them so I’ll just wait and see.
I would suggest NOT just "wait and see". I would check the status of the completed shop to make sure it was approved for payment, as well as take the other steps ROFL suggested.

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@ceasesmith...you beat me to it was about to say the same thing....

@Carla_lou...I'm also a new shopper for Market Force..my September shop was paid on oct 10th...

The only things I can think of is

they either sent you a check...however I was paid direct deposit....

Maybe you missed it in your bank account..remember to check all of October in your bank account not just October 10th

There is a typo somewhere in your profile

And the worst scenario..not paid due to an invalid shop

If that is the case you should have received an email stating so

Keep in mind as far as I know invalid shops are not left in your account so it is easy to miss in the email

By the way...easiest way to reach marketforce is by voicemail..once you leave a a voicemail they respond by email...it takes anywhere from 1 to 3 days

Hope this works out for you...I like this msc alot

Keep us updated...

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I got an email today saying that they submitted the payment via direct deposit on October 10. I checked my account and I don’t see anything from Market Force. The only thing I can think of is maybe I gave the wrong account number? I checked the direct deposit section and it says my bank details were verified and it even shows the last 4 digits of my account, which is accurate. Ughhh I hope this gets sorted soon!
Then I would check with your bank. I would print out the e-mail and take it with me to the bank.
Email Marketforce Help Desk and tell them you've already contacted your bank and need the ACH TRACE NUMBER for that payment they claim was DD'd to your account.

"Dear MF, please provide the ACH Tracing number for payment sent via direct deposit on 10/13. My bank will need this information to track the funds. Thank You."

Keep it short and simple.

If MF sent the payment to your account they absolutely will have an ACH trace number.

Don't be surprised if you don't get a response. A check payment may arrive within a week or two.

Someone I know had the same problem. After several months of back and forth help desk emails from various employees the shopper finally requested the ACH TRACE number. No response/reply from MF. A few weeks later a paper check from MF was received; 5 months after the shop had been completed!

Thanks @MrEd! I’ll do that. Was just about to call the bank but I’m sure emailing MF first with this msg will save me much back and forth time between the two.
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