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I just applied for a shop through KSS international, I have never worked through KSS before and I know under their FAQs it says payment comes from the client, and that it can be 1-6 weeks. I'm curious to hear from others how long it actually took to receive your payment?

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It has absolutely nothing to do at all with KSS so look at the policy of who they are scheduling for for your shop. They schedule for many different companies.

Your pay will come from the companies that KSS is scheduling for. For example: You are accepted to do a job for HS Brands through the KSS website; you are actually working for HS Brands. HS Brands will pay you. KSS just helped them fill their jobs. Whatever HS Brands pay terms are is what you are accepting.

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@ArkLaMissshopping wrote:

HS Brands will pay you

KSS is a great way for newbies to get started because they schedule for many different companies. For some MSCs, they schedule all their shops; for others, the hard to fill ones.

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Make sure you sign up with HS Brands. You will use their website to do your report. They pay at the end (or middle?) of the month following the shop.

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@aficaro wrote:

[...] I know under their FAQs it says payment comes from the client, and that it can be 1-6 weeks.[...]

You are confusing "client" and "MSC".
Kss is awesome..you got very lucky stumbling onto them as a newbie

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Great company to work with, and the payment depends on the company that hired them. Have fun!
They schedule for MSC's, I do their bank jobs and never had a problem....go to the MSC and look under pay, usually between one month and six weeks.

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I just searched HS Brands and found this thread...I did a job mid last month for Albatross that they had HS Brands handling. It has been two weeks since I did the job and never heard a peep from either company. It is still on my job board at HS Brands and listed as completed. Albatross does not have the job I did listed at all. Does anyone know who will pay me, Albatross or HS Brands and if the completed ever turns to another word that signifies the job was accepted? I have emailed the scheduler but did not get any answer and the few jobs ever did for them were too long ago for me to remember how they work. Thanks

All my shops on Hs brand..says received..but I have been paid for them..

If memory serves they will reach out to you if they need clarification

Basically no news is good news for this msc and hs brands is who will pay if the shop is accepted

Shopping Idaho and Oregon/Idaho border region.
I did a shop for Albatross through HS Brands in September. I'm expecting payment this month. The shop was visible on the HS Brands portal for Albatross with their special code, but not on my Albatross page. It was listed as "OK to Pay." I take that to mean Albatross has oked pay to HS Brands and HS Brands will pay you. If you remember the secret code to enter the Albatross site, you can find your shop location and date and see if it was approved. HS Brands is known to take a few months to pay. If you did the shop last month, you won't see payment until December at earliest, but they always pay.

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It still says just "completed" and its been over two weeks. I guess I have to assume it is okay. I cannot remember the code on Albatross.
"They pay at the end (or middle?) of the month following the shop."

They seem to have gone with the first week of the month after the month after the month the shop was completed business model.

5 out of my 6 payments followed this schedule. One hamburger place was paid on the schedule you posted.
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