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Has anyone else seen that Dwolla will be ending transfers to bank accounts on 12/03/2018? I received an email this morning and reached out to Sentry to see what they plan to do for payments. It took quite a few months for them to switch from checks to Dwolla last time, so this 30 day notice is a bit disturbing.

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Please ignore the message from Dwolla. They are retiring their Transfer product and we are working on a new version of our payment platform that uses their new API code. In the meantime, you will still be paid and able to transfer money without interruption.
Just a quick update: the new DWOLLA site does not work well with Chrome!!! I got an email about getting paid by Sentry, but it took over 24 hours to get a support call back from DWOLLA when I contacted them for help. Clearing cache, cookies, and history, and then re-setting password and using Safari instead of Chrome helped, but it was a bit unsettling to say the least.
I got an email, telling me to set up my account from DWOLLA to get paid. I'm having issues. I contacted Sentry but have not heard back.
Please email our helpdesk with any payment questions and we will be happy to assist with any questions or concerns you have. You can email

Director of Scheduling
Sentry Marketing Group
That is not accurate. Dwolla has removed the "transfer" button and I have not been able to get payment out of Dwolla since early November. Sentry was made aware of the problems with Dwolla but still paid them in December! No payment is able to be transferred out of Dwolla. I have emailed, called, chatted, texted Sentry and Dwolla about it. NOT BEING RESOLVED.
Susan - I have emailed the help desk now 4 TIMES. No good response - I detailed everything I did and the responses I'm getting are - did you check your spam folder? did you call them? what did they say? I guess you guys did not read my complaint. PLEASE TELL ME HOW TO GET PAID and do not use DWOLLA anymore!
Why must we keep jumping through hoops to get paid? I thought Dwolla was strange at first but it was working for me. Now this.
As we explained in the announcement for the Sentry Payment App, Dwolla unexpectedly retired the software platform we were using to process payments. As a result, we needed to migrate our payment platform to an updated version of their software.

@lcubed3 wrote:

Why must we keep jumping through hoops to get paid? I thought Dwolla was strange at first but it was working for me. Now this.
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