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Does anything ever change with their shops?
All I see are the same burger, fast food places, and wireless shops. Once in a while there might be something different, but where I am, 90% of what they do is their burger shop.

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They have other clients. Here, they have a healthy eatery that pops up about every 3-4 months (new), plus hardware shops and grocery store shops every month. They get snapped up quickly in my area. I have heard they have gas station shops in other areas, and I believe they had a massage shop in another region awhile back.
How far are you placing the my area they have the burger shops,wireless shops,gas shops,retail and hardware

If your not already doing this make sure you check them daily..I think alot of there shops go quickly due to how easy the reports are and how most of them make great filler shops..

Just as an example..they had a mobile gas app shop which I hadn't seen before a couple of weeks ago and I picked up most of them because they were very close to where I work. I haven't seen those posted again.

Shopping Idaho and Oregon/Idaho border region.
I also only seem wireless, fast food burger and grocery store with a sprinkling of other shops every once in a while. I did a hardware shop last month as well. But would love to see other places of business I think the wireless shop personnel are beginning to recognize me.
We do the healthy eatery when it shows up. The grocery by me are low paying and so are the gas shops.
I am checking them often then daily..few times a day..from my computer and from mobile apps as radius of 20 miles I can find burgers, hardware stores and fast food as well as grocery stores, if I will go further it can be more..

Shopping Eastern Pennsylvania and parts of NJ, since 2009
I think I am getting jaded, because of so many burger shops. I also can see hardware, gas station, and grocery stores. We split our time between two states, so some are near the one with the major city. Still, so many burgers..
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