Bestmark Hidden Bonuses

Just got an email from Bestmark with available shops in my area and an offer of hidden bonuses. Apparently this is not new but I don’t recall seeing this before. The bonus can range in value but you don’t see it until the shop has been approved. The bonuses are added randomly to 100 shops. I immediately deleted the email. I do not like MSC’s playing games with us. Just offer the shop for a fair value without any marketing tricks.

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This is similar to many emails I have gotten from various msc stating that if you take a specific job you will be placed in a pool of all shops taken with 10 chances to be chosen randomly to win a $$ prize....
Hey if I knew there were only 12 shops like that across the country out there I might even bite! But there are probably hundreds and hundreds.
I just got an e-mail stating they are now providing bonuses to the shops in my area by $3.

I guess the mystical hidden bonuses didn't work.
Hidden bonuses? How unprofessional and insulting. They are treating shoppers as children rather than professionals. There are clearly some MSCs that have no business being in business.
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