Marketforce October pay

Has anyone gotten their October pay? The website says my direct deposit was sent to the bank Monday, but still no money in my account.

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Yes, so I thought my money would be in my account today, but its not. This has never happened before. Its always in my account fast.
No, I haven’t been paid yet but I’m not worried because Marketforce always pays.. it ranges for me from the 10th-15th of the month.. it should be there in the next day or so..
Same here. My Market Force account page shows my pay was direct deposited on the 12th, but my bank still doesn't have it
I emailed them this morning and got a prompt reply. They said that there was an error with the pay date and payments are scheduled to be DD on the 16th. I suggested they put that on the site as I'm sure I'm not the only one concerned.
the pay said it was deposited yesterday morning but checking with my bank I see it wasn't deposited.

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The payments will not be deposited until the 16th

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My payment details on Market Force says the deposit was made, but it hasn't appeared on my bank site. Market Force sent a message a couple of months ago saying that they pay by the 20th. They've spoiled me by paying early every month, so now the 20th would seem very late.
I completely understand that they are not obligated to pay until the 20th, and I never even look for mine prior to that date. After reading the comments here, I checked mine and it does show it was DD'd on the 12th. However, it has not been as of 5 minutes ago. When my pay details on their website show that my pay was direct deposited on the 12th, but it still does not show in my bank account 2 days later, it does start to concern me. Why would they show it as deposited on the 12th, but then say it won't be deposited until the 16th? So confusing!
When a company pays they are not depositing into individual accounts it is a feed and if it is in one check, it would be in ALL Accounts. One person indicated that they received their deposit but I actually spoke with someone that works there today and they have NOT deposited them yet. I have a banking background and deposits do not show and disappear. ACH's do not work that way. I am sure that we will receive them by the end of the week. I like to see mine right away too!
Usually I see it in my bank account before I find it on the payment page. Once it's on the payment page, it's always been in my account. This month, however, I saw it posted on my payment page and thought that was great. Haha..Never count your chickens.....blah blah blah..Scheduled some bill payments today because I assumed that money would be in my account yesterday and had to scurry to move money around to cover them. I know better!!!

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Has anyone gotten paid yet? I have been with them for 6 years and it’s never been this far out...?
Ok i feel a little relieved now. Mines said it was processed on the 12th as well but it still not in my account. I was on the phone dumping on my bank but it seems like Market Force is to blame lol. Glad i'm registered with 11 other mystery shopping companies. Never put your eggs in one basket.

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UPDATE: I just got a response from the helpdesk and it stated all deposits will be made on the 16th
The wait for my meezly fees continues.

NOV 15, 2018 | 09:27AM EST
xxxx replied:
We apologize for causing any confusion or concern. We have been notified by our Accounting Department that the November payment was entered on the payment page for 11/12 in error. Payment is scheduled to be sent on 11/16 for Direct Deposits.

Please note that it can take 2-3 business days for deposits to post to your bank account.
Still haven't gotten my money. It's a double hit for me. The care giving company I work for has also delayed paying us. I should have both payments this weekend. Both are late by a week. I deposited a check last night, which should have cleared by this hasn't. None of this has ever happed before. I'm down to about $40.

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Shopping has just enough pro's to keep me going month after month, but the time tables for getting paid is probably THE biggest con on most shoppers list. On the flip side it keeps alot of people out of the business and suppresses competition -- catch 22.
Anyone get payment yet. It’s weird because I just received payment of 0.48 in my account. I hope that there is another deposit because that amount is more than a little wrong. This is so not like Marketforce.
Hi Succeein2

I believe the person was just referring to the correlation: when MF website displays a paid date, usually the money is actually in the bank account or the bank usually can verify that money was deposited & is on it's way. However, October payments reflected a paid date but the money was not in any of the banks accounts. Probably delayed because of the national holiday. So, payments prob will come 4 days later
than the paid date listed on the MF website.

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One is your fee + reimbursement. The other is parking/tolls/etc.

I have just received something similar to yours.
@nslinhar wrote:


One is your fee + reimbursement. The other is parking/tolls/etc.

I have just received something similar to yours.

I didn't have any parking or tolls on my shops.
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