Marketforce Login Failed

Anyone else having problems logging into Marketforce website for shoppers? It keeps saying login failed on my screen.

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Yang there are several others having the same issue - see the Login Failed post. You are not the only one.
My login and password are also correct. But just as a test run, I went and tried to request forgot password and it gave me this message: "We're sorry we could not locate you in our database with this information. Please verify all entered information and try again." I'm just wondering if it is just because of a server issue with Marketforce and not because they decided to deactivate me without notice.
I had the same thing happen as did the others who posted on the Login Failed thread. I also thought I was deactivated until I read the other thread.

CarolR, the original poster sent an email to the help desk and I followed her lead because the email will have the time it was sent.
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