Markt Force Michigan Number (Sault Ste Marie)

Has anyone recieved a call from MF at area code 906. They have two times times and I have not been able to get to the phone.

I checked the web site and there is stuff in my area but the shops don't start tlll DEcember.. Shall I call them back or wait to see if they catch me?


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I receive calls from 906.984.... They are probably calling you to see if you want shops that weren't completed earlier this month. Be careful because they will offer you a very low amount, a lot of time the amount is lower than what was on the board to begin with. Know what you will accept and tell them what you will accept.

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Thanks.. Just say it was a restaurant shop and the fee was $ 8 and they want me to do it for $ 6? How will I know what the amount was on the web site if I have not checked in a few days.. Will they tell me can you do the restuarant shop on XXXX.. Can I then say its the end of the month or I am super busy but I can do it for xxxx

Also will I need to stay on the phne with them tell I get the e-mail? There have been times I have applied for a shop on the web site and it will take about five minutes to get the e-mail

Get use to watching how much the different type of shops bonus for in your area. You will also learn how much they begin with before the bonus. Pay attention about the middle of the month; this is when they start being bonused. They move up very slowly. This way, you round about know what they will go for when they call you. Different areas have different amounts for bonuses. I shop 3 states, and all three of the states I do have different amounts they begin with for the same shop. So, once you know what each shop starts with and what they normally bonus for before the shops are removed, the easier it is for you to know what they were when they were on the boards. Fast food shops...they don't go for much of a bonus in my area.

I have learned that they remove the current month's shops very early, like the middle of the month or so, and then they start posting the next month's shops.

I don't give them a reason. I just say I can do that shop for $XXXX. It's all according to where the location is, what time it is, and what brand it is. I get all the information I need from them then I will say, "I can do it for $XXX". They will go up very slowly. If it's too high, they will tell you they will call you back...which, they are calling other shoppers in the area to see if they can get a price lower. If they don't have anyone else, they will more than likely take your price.

I give and take; I do some at base rate off of the website and then I will take some bonused one. I usually only take the bonused ones when they call and really need me or if I take another job and can do it only after it was bonused. I didn't take the job while it was on the board because of a reason such as wrong date, too far, not going to be in that location, etc. Some people hold out completely for the bonus; I don't.

I have never waited for one of their emails. I've never had a problem receiving them. But, when I do get the email, I keep it in the "Market Force" folder just in case something happens, I have the original email stating the amount of bonus.

Market Force, I have found, is very trustworthy. I rely on them and they have never failed me. Just be honest with them on what you are willing to do the shop for, be open to listening and watching the board, be flexible, and you could be their "go to" person when they need shops done.

Shopping Arkansas, Louisiana, & Mississippi.
The call I had yesterday initially offered $6 for a burger dinner. I'm doing it today for $40. Don't accept their first offer. They have more offers in their bag, but won't usually go higher than what you've done it for previously unless they are very desperate.

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A couple of months ago I make a offer for a shop on the web site for $ 1 more than what they were offering and they said NO.

However, I have done the same shop before and I made the same offer for a $ 1 more and they said Yes. I have started al list of MAO shops that I have done.

MAO on XXXX restaurant on XXXX date $ 8 board MAO $ 9 (This is just a example)

Everytime they call I am not near my phone
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