Maritz CX app....has anyone trouble with it besides me.

I got 3/4 of the way through and it stalled. Started over several time and same thing. Discouraging to have go back and take all the pics and put them in manually. Shop took a lot longer than it should have. Going to try it again today. I do merchandising for Foster Grant. Their app has an option to download the pics you take to your phone. I have not seen this with mystery shopping apps. Is there a way to do this that I am not aware of. I am 70 years old so I learn a little each day. Please don't overwhelm me with technology. I have a grandson that bails me out often.

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I have not had a problem since they released the new app. Is your phone fairly new and do you have the latest updates installed?
I have not had success with the Maritz CX app. The biggest complain I have is it doesn't sync with the website. If you start a shop on the app, it has to be completed on the app and vice versa. The problem with the app is if there is a missing answer, it's difficult to track. On the website, it's takes more steps to upload the photos and even though I upload the photos & validate I get emails that the pics were not attached. Also with the website I get emails saying the narratives were not attached but it passed validation. I write a long narrative, save and the narrative is erased. I have had to write the narratives in MSWord then copy & paste. Tech problems like the app crashing and having to redo the work several times it the biggest reason I don't do much for them but others on this forum love them.
Love them, yes. Love their technology, no. Even the site itself is difficult to navigate, with topics (sections) hidden until you learn how to find them.

That Maritz on site app for Android has been nothing but trouble for me. So frustrated. Never use it any longer just stay on MaritzCX web site to enter my evaluations. Deleted the app.
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