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Does anyone have a direct contact number for anyone at Remington Evaluations? I completed a shop back on November 12th and it still has yet to be edited. I've e-mailed with no response now. No one is picking up at the general number I find online. Just checking to see if anyone knows the number of an actual person there? Thanks!!

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The only number I have is probably the same one you have. The 866 number.

Shopping Arkansas, Louisiana, & Mississippi.

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I don't work for them anymore, but Sarah was pretty good at returning emails.

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It's now been one month tomorrow since I completed the shop. Still in edit phase. Sarah finally returned an e-mail and said it's part of the process and they will notify me once done. I leave for vacation and will be without internet/phone for over a week. If they have questions then, there is no way to get back to them. I don't even know what to do. Whenever I call, no one picks up. I e-mailed her again on the 7th, still no response so I e-mailed again today. I have never had this much trouble with a simple shop before, but I may be in your boat HonnyBrown. This has truly ruined my experience with them unfortunately.
My shop was finalized today. 1 month and 3 days later. I received a 10/10, but that's not the point - just lucky no issues. I just did a search to see all the issues with payments now as well. Lesson learned.
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