Gigwalk, doing mystery shops for free

Gigwalk posted some Mystery shops with no pay to see if you qualify for their shops. I have done over 200 shops for every major company in the industry, but I have never been asked to work for free. Has anyone ever run across this technique?

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Maybe they're trying to weed out shoppers who are stupid enough to do them? (Doubt it.)

Seriously, nobody cares that you're offended.

(Yes, I stole Hoju's tagline.)
I started doing this with the “apps” 3-4 years back — and then graduated to actual MSing within about 6 months after thinking that there had to be companies that had larger projects. I’d say until 6 months or so ago I’d still check the apps for occasional “if I’m in the area I might do one” work — but now I don’t even do that.

The problem is that the apps aren’t marketing to actual mystery shoppers - they market to people with “Got a phone? You can make a few bucks!” — and with that, they know they can pay out as little as they want. There’s always a market for people who want to make a few bucks with no qualifications, and the apps take advantage of it. They require way too many photos for low pay, and it just seems to get worse.

Either they get horrible photos from people who don’t even try, so they require this in hopes they can use some of them — or they are just taking advantage of the shoppers. I stopped using ES for example once they started adding things to the shops that weren’t even part of the project (aside from the obligatory front and back of the store pics, which I already thought was over-doing it) — I think the last shop I did for them was a frozen food audit, which I did. But then it also had me take pictures of sporting goods (why?) and also check on some snack crackers (this was advertised as a frozen food check) — and with that, I said never again... and I don’t miss them.

As for GW, they used to pay out pretty well... I picked up some awesome projects there too (counting the number of fridges for sale at every blue big box store in a 100 mile radius — at 50 bucks a pop — comes to mind — I made enough to buy an extremely high end laptop over one very long and boring weekend) — but that’s all went by the wayside it seems... the beginning of the end came with the e-reader audits at the blue box store. They started with paying $12 and just looking for the one display... then they went to $10... then they were at $10 but you had to look for the TV versions... then they dropped to $5... I stopped at that point but last I checked it was like $4 and you had to do the main display in the back, the TV aisle, and the home automation aisle. There’s plenty of stupid people to do it I guess... I’m not one of them.

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Sure, it’s a screener to weed out people who don’t or can’t follow instructions. I don’t see anything wrong with it - took me a few minutes to complete and if it allows me to become eligible for more work, great. FWIW, I’ve been a “Gigwalker” since almost the beginning in 2011 - never had an issue.
ngb, I had a similar experience. I started with FA, ES, Mobee, and GW in 2015 and thought they were great. I even tried to build them into my MS routes. The pay started declining really fast in less than a year. I finally deleted them all earlier this year...not even worth checking anymore, like you said. It's really a shame! I guess they were fun while they lasted.

Those front and back of store photos were so weird, though, especially the ones by the checkout lanes! It was so hard to be discreet and also get clear photos.

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I have certain minimum I set for myself. Generally something less than $10 won't get my attention unless it's right near another well-paid shop. I stick to a few decent paying companies and don't mess with the app shops too much.
I have answered a few and have gitten.paud. In my experience fee is hidden often times for some companies. I usyally call the scheduler to see what the fee is. It us also.used as a prescreen fir some companies. Just call or email if you are curious.
I won't even show up for less than $10 - except for the avocado shops, which were too yummy to pass up.
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