Automotive Insights Late With Wages again

Hi everybody, just wondered if anybody is owed money from automotive insights? I am chasing payment for work i have done through October.

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I did 6 shops in early October, got paid for 5. Still waiting for the 6th. Their report is useless and they lose your emails. A total pain to deal with.
I dunno anything about that but we're not employees so they're not wages.

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Just like there is no crying in baseball, there are no wages in mystery shopping (unless working in Nevada).
AI is late with me, as well. October work (16th -30th) is not paid yet, despite a promise from a scheduler ( yes, I know...the scheduler will prmise the moon!) that I would be paid no later than 11/30...still waiting.

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Nevada requires mystery shoppers to be registered and to work as employees of a P.I. firm.

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