Green Gas Stations With Coyle???

While performing a "Green" gas station inspection, I talked to a person who identified themselves as another mystery shopper. She saw me taking the photos and my name tag. She asked if I was doing the shop for the new company Coyle. Then she saw the old company's name on my tag.
We talked for awhile and compared notes.

But, bottom line, and I know this is being discussed on another thread, I had made the assumption of another MSC taking over the "Green" gas stations, not Coyle.

She seemed sincere, but could she be pulling my leg?

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Maybe Green is shopping for a new company and testing them out...we'll see.

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Sure hope not, otherwise there will be a separate 500-word narrative required about the condition of each pump, for each one.
I know a Shop Metrics MSC does have LOTS of shops for the green gas station. Don't know anything about any other new MSC getting in on the act, though.
I saw all the green stations posted with a new MSC in my area (for a pre-2019 “test run”) and it was not Coyle.

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