International Service Check don't pay me. What do you advise?

Good day!
I'm from Russia.

One time performed checks for International Service Check. In the end, they never paid me 17 checks. Elena Yakubovskaya, an ISC partner in Russia, ignores my questions.

I found the address of the President and founder of the International Service Check Reinhold Auer. Wrote to him. I was told by the operational director of Florian Wimmer that he was sorry and promised that I would be paid for by their Aston-Health partner.
There was no more response for a whole month. After my second letter to Mr. Wimmer, it turned out that Aston-Health is no longer their partner, and they can no longer help me.

In fact, I performed checks for ISC, received tasks from ISC employees, used a personal account on the ISC website, and I have to ask my money from Aston-Health. What is it like?

Artemov Anton Vyacheslavovich, director of Aston-Health is also not responding to requests.

And the funny thing - a couple of days ago I received a letter with a suggestion of checks from ... Aston-Health. wtf?

I wrote to members of the board of directors of MSPA. Only Nikky Alkemade answered. The meaning of her letters is that in ISC she was told that I need to ask my money from Aston-Health, even though I did all the tasks for the International Service Check.

Did someone have similar stories with the ISC?

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I am sorry you are going through this. It sounds frustrating. I've never had an issue with ISC. It sounds like you have gone down all roads to get paid. Have you tried calling them? I know you shouldn't have to chase your money but, calling them might help you better than letters. I hope things work out and keep us updated.

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I had to write to the founder of the ISC and contact the MSPA! But they do not want to help!
Hello, Stepan.

I don't know anything about this company, but I hope sincerely that you get paid.

Best of luck.
I have contact information for a U.S. scheduler. I don't know if it can help you but hopefully if you email her she can find someonewho will.

Donna Yarbrough
JASFLALMT, thank you!

Do you think Donna Yarbrough can help?

I had to write to the founder of the ISC Auer Reinhold
He read my letter.
Operational director of ISC Florian Wimmer answered me.
He said the International Service Check will not pay me.

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What did they tell as a reason for not wantingtin to pay you? I feel that we are missing part of the story. If everything was scheduled, completed and submitted as needed, there would be no reason to contact anyone.
Stepan, that contradicts what you wrote in your first post. No, if the director of ISC said that you will not be paid, Donna cannot help you.

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MikiNV, thank you for your interest in my topic! It's great!

This is the full story! Maybe my bad English did not describe all the nuances?

The last payment was for the check in September 2017.
I made 17 check from October 2017 to May 2018 for ISC.

I received assignments from the International Service Check's employees. Letters from them are saved.
I can show a screenshot of my personal account on the ISC's website. All my checks are listed there.

Letters with the assessment of my checks were sent to me by ISC's employees. Letters are also saved.

What do you think, who should pay me the money? ISC?

Once I asked on the website of the International Service Check when my money would be given to me.
Nobody answered me for half a year.

I had to write to the President of the International Service Check.
What happened next - read in my topic.
With this topic, I wanted to attract the attention of ordinary mysterious shoppers to the subject of possible defaults.

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Hi Stepan, I am an ordinary mystery shopper based in the US. I have done shops for ISC. I have gotten paid. I don't know why you weren't paid for your shops but I hope you figure it out. Good luck.
When you dis not get pid for the shops that you did in October, November, December...why did you continue to do shops for them until May?! And why looking for the money 6 months after the last shop was performed? I am missing something here. If they told you that they will not pay you then there is a reason. What did they tell you is the reason? Most shoppers have at least one shop that they did not get paid for and the reasons are always known. What did they say was the reason?
MikiNV, great question!

The ISC pays the check 100 days after the assessment by the manager. Previously, everything was fine.
Later, they sent a letter saying that reorganization and payments are now being delayed. They said I should wait.
Then again they sent a letters that all delays in payment will be fixed. They apologized.
And then they simply began to receive answers that bookkeeping has a lot of work and I have to wait.
I saved a lot of letters with such answers.
And I had to write to the President of the International Service Check in Switzerland. Further you know.

I hope that I clearly wrote. )))
I use Google translate.
I informed the management of the International Service Check about this blog. Reinhold Auer, Florian Wimmer can comment on their point of view if they want!
I am not sure why you keep trying to reach employees of ISC, or Aston-Health, if they told you that they will not pay you. I don’t think naming people and trying to contact them, and letting them know of your post will help you. Maybe they have sent you a check and you have not received it. something went wrong and I feel that we may not be able to get to the bottom of it. Good luck.

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I am in the same situation and can’t get an answer back! I have sent several messages and no response.
I have done several shops for them and have gotten paid for all of them in a timely fashion. I hope you get this straightened out soon.
Hi, MikiNV!
I am sure that bringing this fact to publicity will draw attention to the problem. They did not send me a check. They had to transfer to a bank account.
Would you just give them your earned money?
Good answer Stepan, and thank you for sharing your experience.

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Want985, thanks for the support. If a lot of people respond to my topic - maybe the MSPA will affect ISC.
The MSPA has no legal authority and they are not an enforcement board. They will not be able to help you unfortunately. I am getting regular payments from ISC. Your situation sounds unusual and I have never heard of a company telling you to ask the client for money. Send invoices to ISC with everything that owe you.

If you were located in the US, I would complain to the Attorney General. Do you have something similar in your country?
I’m from Michigan. I’ve emailed everyone under the sun and no response! I’m owed $58 for unpaid checks dating back to August.
Unfortunately, MPSA collects membership fees from the companies. They are only interested in collecting those fees. Others have found that they have no interest in helping shoppers.
@Stepan wrote:

hotsauce1, I thought MSPA was following the code of ethics.

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