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I have only completed 21 gas stations in my 15+ years as a shopper. They paid from $25+ reimbursement for a location I drove by weekly to $97 for a station a round trip of approx. 70 miles. I am considering another spot I drive by monthly but it only pays $15+ reimbursement of $9. In that I do not have the slightest need for money, how time consuming are these shops?

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It absolutely totally depends on which MSC it is, and whether it's a simple MS or an MS and revealed audit.
If you aren’t used to performing these audits routinely but have done a few in the past, I think it would take around an hour.
Meg's reply: If you aren’t used to performing these audits routinely but have done a few in the past, I think it would take around an hour.

Bob's comment: I last completed one in 2017, for $48 including the reimbursement. As it was only a two block detour, there was not any drive time or expense involved. Does the stated hour include the report? If not, please estimate. My interest is because there are three available in small towns/villages I pass through on a monthly basis, but I may need to wait until the fees increase. I did this with the credit card inquiries a MSC offers, scoring $30 and $40, one in a ghetto and the other in a small town I was near.
It doesn't include the report as far as I know. Audits just take a long time, though I've never done it through a mystery shopper company before.
There is a very lengthy guidebook of instructions you will need to read or download if you've not done them before. I have a cheat sheet I use for all my audits. This one is pretty much the same as when it was with the previous company, so to me they take roughly 30 minutes to complete. Photos of all pumps are required and you need a vest and name tag. The report isn't too bad, but there are a lot of photos to attach, especially if the station has many issues. The pay is rather low for the work if you're only doing a few here or there. Reimbursement is fair though.

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I can typically do an MS with revealed audit in less than 45 minutes on-site.

The time it takes to input varies with the MSC.
30-45 minutes if you're experienced with the shop and the station isn't huge.
45+ minutes if you're not as experienced with it.
Thanks to all for sharing; you have saved me from some aggravation. I will wait until if/when the fees escalate to the 30+ range.
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